Michael Ealy Pens Sweet Message To Wife Amid Growing Tensions In Her Birthplace Kabul

Michael Ealy Pens Sweet Message To Wife Amid Growing Tensions In Her Birthplace Kabul

With the Taliban taking over and many attempting to flee the country, Michael Ealy is showing support to his wife and her birthplace of Kabul, Afghanistan.

In a touching caption on Instagram, actor Michael Ealy supported his wife, Khatira Rafiqzada, as tension and violence grow worse in her native home.

Michael Ealy

In his caption along with a candid photo of the two of them, Michael Ealy wrote,

“This may have been one of the hardest moments I’ve ever witnessed for you. I’ve struggled to find the words about the situation in Kabul. I can only talk about what I see on the ground here.”

Opening up about her resiliency, he continued:

“You had two kids (postpartum with both) and it simply can’t compare to watching your birthplace fall apart. I imagine this loss has a lot do with the nostalgia of your childhood and for that, I’m so sorry. I’ve felt your sense of loss, confusion, and hurt. I’ve witnessed you crying in the corner alone just trying to gather yourself. You’ve turned various rooms in the house into mini command centers. Trying to do everything from sponsor Afghan families to bravely reaching out to any and all connections in an honest attempt to help family members left behind.”

He added,

“The devastation you endured the last few weeks has been undeniable. I pray that you have felt seen, heard, supported & free in your space here to be vulnerable and whatever else you needed. I’ve seen you try to put into words what this ALL means. The worst part may have been watching you try to explain this devastation to Elijah.”

Ealy also spoke about family and friends reaching out with concern for his wife saying,

“The silver lining, if there ever was one, being that “grandpa got out!” We love you and we are with u always. We watched you field calls and messages from everyone we know and some you don’t. People even reached out to me to check on you and some sent flowers! I’m grateful for all of their well wishes, thoughts, and prayers. For many of them you were the only Afghan they’ve ever met and yet none of that has deterred you from finding who you are in this moment. None. Watching you begin to pick up the pieces now,  I stand in awe of your quiet strength. I find it beautiful and beguiling.” 

The ‘Think Like a Man’ actor also spoke about his wife’s advocacy being one of the reasons he loves her, ending the caption by saying,

“Perhaps what I love most was that you didn’t overreact on Social Media or with family. I love that you took it all in first. You took a breathe [sp] and educated yourself. If for nothing else, to try and make some sense of it all. Then slowly but surely… you went to work. Since then you’ve become an advocate and a quiet soldier who’s work may not ever been recoginzed by the masses but will continue to feed YOU in ways we may never understand. Perhaps another silver lining. We love you, we got u.”

Rafiqzada, who is a former actress, fled Afghanistan when she was 12 years old with her parents. Her family was later sponsored for citizenship as victims of war by Catholic Charities. She is the co-founder of Break Bread and a proud supporter of the DREAM Act.

The couple married in 2012 after dating for four years. Together they have two children, a son, Elijah, and a daughter, Harlem, who they secretly welcomed in 2016.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole