Nick Cannon Says He’ll Have More Children As Long As He’s Able To: If God Sees It That Way, Then That’s What Imma Keep Doing

Nick Cannon Says He’ll Have More Children As Long As He’s Able To: If God Sees It That Way, Then That’s What Imma Keep Doing

Nick Cannon may already be a father of seven, but it sounds like he doesn’t plan on slowing down!

This past Tuesday (Sept. 7th), paparazzi spotted Nick Cannon out and about in Harlem with rapper Jim Jones. Once they had the comedian’s attention, the photographers initially asked Nick Cannon what the secret to having kids is.

As you may recall, Nick Cannon recently became a father of seven–with four of his children being born in the past nine months! He first welcomed twins Moroccan and Monroe in 2010 with ex-wife Mariah Carey.

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Moroccan Cannon, Monroe Cannon (circa 2018)

Then, in 2017, he welcomed son Golden with model Brittany Bell. They later also welcomed a daughter, Powerful, in early 2021.

Nick Cannon, daughter Powerful, son Golden

A few months later, Nick Cannon and DJ Abby De La Rosa welcomed twins Zion and Zillion.

Nick Cannon and Abby De La Rosa’s twins

Shortly thereafter, Nick Cannon had his seventh child, Zen, with model Alyssa Scott.

Nick Cannon, Alyssa Scott, son Zen

In response to the paparazzi’s question regarding Nick Cannon‘s secret to having kids, the comedian stated:

“It’s just love–it’s the aura, it’s the essence!”

The photographers then followed this question up by asking if Nick Cannon is planning on fathering any more children. He replied:

“God willing, man. If God sees it that way, then that’s what Imma keep doing.”

Nick Cannon‘s statements come just days after one of his baby mamas, Abby De La Rosa, confirmed she wants to have more children in the future. During an Instagram Q&A earlier this month, Abby De La Rosa was asked if she’d be interested in having more kids. Similarly to Nick CannonAbby De La Rosa said she would have more children “if God permits”:

“Okay, you all ask this question a lot. Of course I want more kids, if God permits. And if God doesn’t permit, it’s alright. I got two for one, it was a beautiful journey. It was a wild journey and we’re here.”

She continued:

“Let me just add that this planning wasn’t like us sitting down with a calendar and being like you gotta be pregnant by this date. It had already been thought and it happened. It had been out there, it was something we were manifesting and we were just letting it flow.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley