Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Ryan Henry Sits Down W/ Ex-Best Friend After Sleeping W/ The Mother Of His Child [WATCH]

Black Ink Crew Chicago’s Ryan Henry Sits Down W/ Ex-Best Friend After Sleeping W/ The Mother Of His Child [WATCH]

Is Ryan Henry really sorry?

Things became a little intense between ex-best friends Ryan Henry and Anthony Lindsey when the two finally met in a new episode of VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago. 

As previously reported, the two men fell out last year when Anthony Lindsey ousted the Black Ink Crew Chicago star of sleeping with the mother of his child while he was battling cancer.

The pair have been friends for years and Henry is even the God-father to Anthony Lindsey’s son.

Ryan Henry later confirmed the allegations were true and apologized to his former friend in a lengthy video. Sharing that he was in a dark place he said,

“I’m apologizing publicly the same way I’ve apologized privately for the embarrassment that I’ve caused, the pain that I’ve caused everybody. My plan of action is to repair relationships.”

He added,

“People that I care about badly, I disrespected them. I disrespected myself, disrespected my family, all of our families. You ask yourself why did I and why do I hurt people that I care about.” 

During their sit-down roughly a year later, Anthony Lindsey said he tried reaching out to Ryan Henry but it seems he did not care as Henry never responded. To which Henry responded,

“But yes, it took me a lot more counseling, understanding, self-reflection to say I could talk to you because at one point, no I couldn’t.” 


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Henry also questioned why his ex-friend spoke with the mother of his kids, Rachel Leigh. Lindsey explained that she was the only person he could talk with ‘freely’ but Henry felt otherwise. In his confessional he said,

“Ant knows what I am talking about. He can play dumb but he knows he went to Rachel because that was the quickest and most powerful way to hurt me back.”

Although Henry said he was wrong and was ‘not trying to hurt’ him, he added that the incident was not about Anthony or their relationship.

“You think it’s not possible [but] me sticking my d*** in her has nothing to do with me trying to be your friend.” 

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole