Black Ink Crew’s Ryan Henry – Nina Velez Apologizes For Sleeping With Reality Star + Claims She Was Abused By His Friend Anthony Lindsey

Black Ink Crew’s Ryan Henry – Nina Velez Apologizes For Sleeping With Reality Star + Claims She Was Abused By His Friend Anthony Lindsey

Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Ryan Henry recently apologized for sleeping with his former best friends baby’s mother Nina Velez and now Nina Velez is speaking out.

As previously reported Ryan Henry recently posted a lengthy video, admitting that he had sex with his best friend’s child’s mother. In the clip the reality star said:

“People that I care about badly, I disrespected them. I disrespected myself, disrespected my family, all of our families… you ask yourself why did I and why do I hurt people that I care about…”
Ryan Henry also gave more insight as well saying he “battled with internal mental health”  and said he made the choice while he was “in a dark place” but that he wasn’t a victim.
“I’m apologizing publicly the same way I’ve apologized privately for the embarrassment that I’ve caused, the pain that I’ve caused everybody. My plan of action is to repair relationships.”
See the clip below.

Nina Velez, who shares a 4 year-old son Caydenn with Anthony Lindsey, recently went live telling her side of the story. She first took accountability for her actions, adding that it was selfish.
“I just wanted to take accountability for what I’ve done – in no way shape or form was it right; I don’t feel as though it is something that I should have done, I was selfish I wasn’t thinking, I didn’t really care about anybody’s feelings at that point.”
She added,
“I wasn’t thinking about how this was affecting everybody else, it was a selfish decision in my part.”
Nina Velez posted photos of domestic violence allegedly done to her by Anthony Lindsey and claims that she has been hurt by Anthony Lindsey in many ways, and Ryan Henry was just a way to temporarily be satisfied.
“I really didn’t have loyalty for Anthony, him and I went through so much I had been hurt by him so many different ways and so many different times that you know whether subconsciously this presented an opportunity for revenge or whatever you guys want to call it. At that time I wasn’t thinking about it I was just thinking about how I was gonna be satisfied in that moment.”
She then begins to explain how she got close to Ryan.
“With Ryan you know a friendship developed from – you know – the beginning when I had began dating Anthony. I never knew who Ryan was I only knew of him, Anthony claimed that was his best friend that that was going to be our son’s godfather.  You guy’s can see in our feeds and scroll all the way down to see where we were at as a family we went on vacations together we spent a lot of time together.”
She continued,
“Over that time, I got to know Ryan as a person and as well as everybody else in his family.  He was someone that I was able to confide in you know during the time that I was dealing with the many turmoils of my relationship with Anthony.”
Nina Velez says that during her 3-year relationship with Anthony Lindsey she began to see a different side of him.
“We had a relationship, it was short-lived it lasted for maybe three years.  For the first you know I guess maybe six to eight months of us dating it was perfect and then you know I began to see who he was as a person – abusive let’s just put it there. He’s dragging it to be something that it’s -you know- way bigger than the pile of things that he’s done to me alone – I can’t even speak for who else he’s abused in the past.”
She also says that she’s apologized to a few people involved, but doesn’t say who.
“I’ve done my share of apologizing to the people that I need to apologize to I still have apologies to make i still have to make this right I still have to fix I but you know we’re not dealing with saints here either.”
Check out the clip here:

She also posted a series of photos, showing scratches all over her body allegedly from an altercation that turned violent with Anthony Lindsey.
She posted a restraining order, and a police report that accompanied the incident.
Anthony Lindsey responded and posted receipts of what happened that day, showing that he was the victim in the situation.
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Authored by: Demi Lobo