Black Ink Crew’s Ryan Henry Calls Out Production For Editing Scenes To Make Him Look Like A “Liar, Cheater & Dishonest Black Man” For Ratings

Ryan Henry Calls Out Vh1’s Production Team For: Editing Scenes To Make Him Look Like A “Liar, Cheater & Dishonest Black Man” For Ratings

Season 6 of VH1’s Black Ink Crew Chicago took a brief break in February, but the drama returned this week (July 6th.).  VH1 currently follows Ryan Henry and the casts tattoo journey in Chicago, as well as their love lives.  This season Ryan Henry is depicted in a love triangle with the mother of his children Rachel Leigh, and former Black Ink Crew New York member Kit Sovain.  The topic has been apart of Ryan Henry’s storyline, and in a cryptic series of tweets, it seems as though Ryan Henry is not too pleased with how the show has been edited.

So he took matters into his own hands, and cleared the air on everything VH1 hasn’t showed on the show, from old audio, to his current relationship status, and how post production painted their own picture of what really happens in his life.

He continued his statements about the show, noticeably angry about how he is being viewed as a black man being a liar, a cheater, and dishonest, just because it is entertaining,

“But Now to begin a season with me being a liar, a cheater, dishonest black man cuz it’s entertaining rather than the truth, is what I don’t and won’t agree with. “It’s what you signed up for”. No it’s not. I’m here to inspire those who aspire and can relate to real. Not BS edits”

In 2017 Ryan Henry spoke out about how he represents himself on TV, and that he owes his city of Chicago more,

Yesterday… Please don’t confuse what I feel personally with what you feel as a whole. I owe my city more. For that I apologize. My goals to interact with the youth, the homeless, the less fortunate, and the aspiring artists, I owe them/you all more.

He continued,

I started 9mag with a goal of uplifting everyone around me selflessly. Watched it go to shit. I started a show with the intent to grow everyone I was around and stay united forever. That died. Took on a platform of BS to change views of my city to outsiders and do natives here justice, now it’s become coonery based on failure, lies and faults. Which I want no part of further underlying emasculating of myself and other black men LEADERS as weak, abusive, disrespectful, etc, outside of humanly mistakes. Purposed doings with intent. So I apologize. And I will do better. My actions, my foundations, my time and energy donated Where it should be. This pictute let’s me know I’m not doing enough for my ppl to not have even known about it let alone invited to it if I was on my shit. And I’m not. So here I come. Salute!

Check out Ryan and Kitty’s relationship unravel this season on the show below:

The family vacation Ryan Henry is referring can be seen here:

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Authored by: Demi Lobo