Nicki Minaj Helps Host ‘RHOP’ Season 6 Reunion, Andy Cohen Refers To Experience As ‘A Trip’

Nicki Minaj Helps Host ‘RHOP’ Season 6 Reunion, Andy Cohen Refers To Experience As ‘A Trip’

It looks like Nicki Minaj helped host the recently-recorded RHOP reunion!

Yesterday (Thursday, Oct. 7th), The Real Housewives of Potomac filmed its season sixth reunion, and Nicki Minaj was on the set to help host! As previously reported, Nicki Minaj first announced that she’d be hosting the reunion back in late July. The 38-year-old rapper uploaded a clip from the series to Instagram and wrote:

“I’ll be hosting the reunion. lmk what y’all want me to ask chile.”

Later, Nicki issued a follow-up message:

“Don’t move! Everyone binge watch all the episodes cuz we finna get into some thangz hunty. My questions will be well thought out, too. Mixed with funny & epic, of course.”

She also uploaded a text exchange with her publicist that confirmed Bravo exec Andy Cohen, who infamously hosts all Housewives reunions, was all for Nicki Minaj stepping in.

Andy Cohen, 53, publicly expressed support for the idea, saying:

“I would love to figure out a way to work her into the reunion and I would love to be able to bring her out and see what she has to say and wants to ask the women. It could be a fun little new segment. The answer is I’m totally receptive to figuring out how to work her into what we’re doing.”

Now, it looks like Andy Cohen and Nicki Minaj have pulled through as the rapper was seen on the set of the RHOP reunion! Yesterday (Thursday, Oct. 7th), Nicki uploaded a photo alongside Andy Cohen, and she was notably holding cards that typically contain viewer questions. She captioned the post:

“GUESS WHO BTCHS?!!!!! #Andiconda #RHOP REUNION COMING SOON ON  @BRAVOTV @bravoandy #Moment4Life y’all better binge watch this season chile.”

Andy Cohen uploaded the same photo, confirming that Nicki Minaj “surprised the [Housewives] and did her own thing” towards the end of the reunion.

It’s the Reunion I could never get away with! At the end of ours, tonight @nickiminaj surprised the #RHOP and did her own thing! #AndyConda.”

He also posted the image onto his Instagram Story, adding:

“Today was a trip.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley