Stacey Dash Admits She Had A Drug Addiction & Was Taking Up to 20 Pills a Day

Stacey Dash

Stacey Dash Admits To Secret Drug Addiction

Stacey Dash is opening up about her personal struggle with drug addiction.  On an upcoming episode of The Dr. Oz Show, she details her battle.

Stacey Dash

The 57-year-old actress says that, at one point, she was taking “18 to 20 pills a day” and admits

“I lost everything.”

She teases her upcoming appearance on social media writing:

“I thank the Lord for being able to say that I have grown more over the last 5 years than I have in my entire life. I am so blessed to be surrounded by people who have loved and supported me through my most challenging time. Thank you all! I encourage anyone who has a story they are scared of telling to share it with the world. You never know who will be able to relate to you and who it can help.”

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Authored by: TJB Writer