‘RHONY’ Star Eboni K. Williams Says ‘Reality TV Is Built On The Backs Of Black Women’

‘RHONY’ Star Eboni K. Williams Says ‘Reality TV Is Built On The Backs Of Black Women’

RHONY star Eboni K. Williams is sharing her thoughts on how Black women have contributed to the success of reality TV.

Eboni K. Williams’ role on the Bravo reality show was a historical one when she became the first Black full-time cast member on the series.

Eboni K. Williams

She faced tons of criticism as many viewers accused her of speaking on race too much.

Eboni K. Williams has now said that Black women are behind the popularity of reality TV.

While guest-hosting The View today (Monday, Oct. 18), she was asked by Whoopi Goldberg why she would want to join the reality show.

Williams explained,

“The reason, though, is because I think that reality TV owes everything to Black women. I think it’s built on the backs of Black women. And I think that Black women actually have so much to gain from the medium, if used properly.”

She continued,

“For better or worse, there is nothing like the impact of reality television. I think we all thought it was gonna be a ‘hit and quit it’ thing, like, maybe 15 years ago. We’re on 13 seasons of ‘New York,’ 15 seasons, 16 seasons of ‘Orange County.’ It’s not going anywhere. So if you can’t beat ‘em, maybe it’s time to join ‘em.”

She added that she believes Black female viewers and stars like RHOA’s Nene Leakes who have coined iconic phrases are responsible for driving reality TV’s success.

She further explained,

“I do think that it has been an opportunity to show a different kind of Black womanhood. I think Black women are some of the most misunderstood demographics in our nation. And to be able to represent the kinds of Black women that I know, the kinds of Black women I am in sorority with, the kinds of Black women I went to school with, it’s been an honor.”

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Authored by: Char Patterson