Mariah Huq Says She Wasn’t Fired From ‘Married To Medicine,’ Bravo Just Didn’t Renew Her Cast Contract: It Was For The Best

Mariah Huq


Mariah Huq Says She Wasn’t Fired From ‘Married To Medicine,’ Bravo Just Didn’t Renew Her Cast Contract: It Was For The Best

Married To Medicine creator Mariah Huq is clearing the air about her working relationship with Bravo.

While visiting Carlos King’s podcast Reality With The King, TV star Mariah Huq was asked if she was fired from the show she created. Mariah Huq, 43, has been a staple member and executive producer on Married To Medicine since it aired back in 2013. However, the TV personality claims Bravo execs attempted to “phase her out” of this past season, which kicked off last March.

After Carlos asked Mariah was she fired from her own show, she stated:

“No my contract ran out.” 

Explaining her working relationship with Bravo as a cast member and producer she continued:

“It’s multiple things for me. I had a producer contract and a cast contract….I thought the cast contract would work itself out, I care more about the ownership and producer side.”


In January of 2021, following alleged ongoing production issues, it was reported that Mariah filed a discrimination lawsuit against Bravo. The reality star previously opened up about her struggles at the network in an exclusive interview with theJasmineBrand the previous year.


She stated:

“I was really perplexed and taken aback that I haven’t been a part of some of the boardroom conversations and the fact that I hadn’t received a contract or be involved in the direction of where the franchise is going.”


She continued:

“I think that it’s important to understand that this is my story….We’re in the midst of a pandemic right now, this is my life and I just wanted to share our story with the world.”

Though the lawsuit is still ongoing as of today, Mariah says the network not renewing her cast contract was “for the best”. While Speaking to Carlos she stated:

“I think that it was for the best….I think being on the show almost took away from me being a producer,”

She continued:

“I thought as a minority woman I should be able to wear multiple hats…..but people put you in silos and want you to choose. …I don’t see it with the guy producers but with the women I feel like we have to choose….And that’s kind of how I felt….Especially when it became a franchise.”

Bravo has not made any public comments on Mariah’s employment status with the network at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson