Eboni K. Williams Confirms Her Law License Was Suspended In North Carolina, Says Headlines Are ‘Desperate Attempt To Discredit Me’

Eboni K. Williams Confirms Her Law License Was Suspended In North Carolina, Says Headlines Are ‘Desperate Attempt To Discredit Me’

Eboni K. Williams has addressed reports that her law license is suspended in her home state of North Carolina.

The news came as she has been called out for frequently speaking about race on The Real Housewives of New York. 

She took to an Instagram Live video Monday (July 19th) and suggested reports surfaced out of “desperation for some folks,” adding,

“My status is suspended for one reason. It’s a very simple reason. Y’all I haven’t lived or practiced law in the state of North Carolina since 2011.”

Eboni K. Williams continued,

In 2011 I left the state of North Carolina and I left my beloved firm, The Law Offices of James D. Williams…”

She said she relocated to Los Angeles and did doc reviews for discovery and litigation, which initially allowed her to stay licensed in North Carolina. She then relocated to New York to work in media full time, and said,

“I had no desire to reinstate or reactivate my North Carolina bar license because as any lawyer will tell you, any paralegal will tell you, anybody that’s in any kind of space around the law will tell you it’sa very expensive license to maintain.”

She explained that there are fees, continuing education classes, and other expenses like malpractice insurance (along with time) that lawyers have to pay to stay licensed. She continued,

“I love the law. I loved my career as an attorney. I loved practicing law. I no longer practice law. I’ve not practiced law in a full-time capacity in the state of North Carolina since 2011 and thus I have chosen voluntarily not to pay those assessments…”

She went on to say,

“I want to acknowledge something. As a person who’s very much now in the public eye and doing work that is hostile to many, I should have anticipated that there would be this kind of desperate attempt to discredit me. And by the way, Good luck with that. You gon’ have to come harder than an inactive bar license to come for me. Because the reality is I’m one of the most credible people in the world, and I say that humbly. So good luck trying to discredit me. And we all know this is the desparate times [that] calls for desparate measures.”

The effort to discredit is based solely on the fact that I am having the audacity to bring to light and center issues that disrupt the status quo that has been the beneficiary of systems for generations that are no longer acceptable.”

She said,

“I will not be deterred. Y’all keep digging, keep looking. Your girl understands.”

See her full video below.


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Authored by: Char Patterson