Eboni K. Williams Says Guest Co-hosting ‘The View’ Was ‘The Dream Job’ + Reveals She Would Like A Full-Time Gig On The Talk Show

Eboni K. Williams Says Guest Co-hosting ‘The View’ Was ‘The Dream Job’ + Reveals She Would Like A Full-Time Gig On The Talk Show

Could Eboni K. Williams wind up living her dream by being on both The View and The Real Housewives of New York City?

Earlier this week, Eboni K. Williams of RHONY guest co-hosted two episodes of The View. Notably, while on the popular daytime talk show, the lawyer-turned-TV star stated:

“Reality TV owes everything to Black women. I think it’s built on the backs of Black women. And I think that Black women actually have so much to gain from the medium, if used properly.”

Eboni K. Williams later commemorated the experience with an Instagram post, captioned:

“Dreams do come true. Since I was 12 years old, I’ve prayed and dreamed of sitting at this table… To engage in these conversations… with these Queens… in the house that Barabra [sic] built… is my honor… Can’t wait for part 2 tomorrow #TheView25.”

Now, Eboni is continuing to gush about guest hosting The View. After the gig, she remarked:

“It was an amazing two days. It was kinda like your birthday for two days in a row. It was amazing. It’s the dream job, it is. Ever since I was 12 years old, and I always wanted to be an attorney, so seeing Star Jones in that seat and showing what one could do on a national platform, with that background of law and social justice, integrating it with politics and pop culture, from a woman’s perspective, it was an honor.”

Eboni then said that she hopes to be invited back onto the talk show:

“The goal, you know, like any other job audition, or interview, right? Do well enough to be invited back. So, that’s my prayer.”

Eboni K. Williams

She then said that, if a full-time The View gig opened up, she feels that being on both the talk show and RHONY would work well and be a “dream”:

“From inside the ‘The View’ conversation, they would be extremely supportive of me bringing my experience as a Housewife. That’s a very unique experience that is culturally relevant. I mean, the very first ‘Hot Topic’ we discussed on The View is that Washington Post article about, what does reality TV owe Black women? So, I think the opportunity for cross amplification is massive and my dream is to do both.”

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Authored by: Nick Fenley