DMX’s Alleged 15th Child Comes Forward Amidst Estate Battle

DMX’s Alleged 15th Child Comes Forward Amidst Estate Battle

As the battle over late rapper DMX’s estate continues, another woman is claiming to be his child, rounding the rapper’s total of alleged children to 15. The Georgia woman. Raven Barmer-Simmons, has reportedly been contacting DMX’s other adult children, claiming he is her father.

As previously reported, Earl Jones, professionally known as DMX, died in April at the age of 50 from a drug-induced heart attack. At the time of his death, DMX reportedly had no will, leaving his fiancée Desiree Lindstrom and his children to battle over his assets.

Desiree Lindstrom, who also shares a five-year-old son with DMX, petitioned to become his common-law wife – which would have given her control of his estate – but was denied by the judge. A close source to the situation previously told Page Six, 

“There is no will from DMX and that’s a big problem. This is a difficult situation because there are a number of people vying to be named administrators. His fiancée Desiree tried to muscle in by asking the court to be named his common-law wife, which means she would have taken precedence over his children. But the court refused.”

DMX & Desiree

On Friday (Oct. 23), the ‘Belly’ star’s three oldest sons Xavier, 28, Tacoma, 21, and Sean Simmons, 18, were named temporary administrators of the estate.

Although his sons were appointed by a judge, the courts will still require them as well as his other children, Praise Mary, Exodus, Sasha, Z’riyah, Emmanuel, Sonovah Hillman Jr., Aidyn, K’ydn, Jada Oden, Aaliyah, Michelle Walton, and Javon Wayne Simmons to prove paternity.

The attorney for Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons said,

“Judge Blackwood appointed Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean as the temporary administrators of the estate. The next big thing is to determine who are the rightful heirs. The estate is going to ask everyone to prove paternity through DNA testing. All the legal children of DMX will be entitled to an equal share of his estate.”

Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons

He continued,

“We need to collect assets and pay debts and administration costs. We don’t have a lot of information about his income streams, but now the temporary administrators have been appointed, we can ask questions and expect answers.”

It’s also important to mention that whoever control’s DMX’s estate, will also control all future earrings.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole