Phylicia Rashad & Debbie Allen Are Questioned By Howard University Student Protestors [VIDEO] 

 Phylicia Rashad & Debbie Allen Are Questioned By Howard University Student Protestors [VIDEO]

Protests over living conditions continue at Howard University and now Debbie Allen and Phylicia Rashad are being questioned.

As previously reported, last month students began protesting their on-campus housing alleging rodents, mold, and flooding as some of the issues.

While visiting her alma mater and sister, Phylicia Rashad, who is the Dean of the College of Fine Arts at the HBCU, Debbie Allen answered questions about the protest and explained why the student voice is so important.

Debbie Allen

Phylicia Rashad

After checking in with the students about the situation, Debbie Allen was caught on camera being questioned students. Debbie Allen stated,

“We know what the Howard student body needs. In any country when the student don’t speak out the nation is not doing well.”

Phylicia Rashad chimed in, sharing a different perspective:

“When the students do speak out…when the students do speak out and they have been heard and their concerns have been addressed and its still not enough, what about that? That’s what’s going on now.”

Debbie Allen then asked her sister if the concerns have been addressed to which Rashad replied,

“let’s go inside”. 

Debbie Allen was later captured on camera telling students,

“People are hearing you. I’m hearing you. Your efforts are so on the right road.” 

The Blackburn Takeover has now lasted for over 24 days and has become the longest sit-in in Howard history.

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Authored by: Ellori Nicole