Tina Turner Sues German-Based Tribute Performer For Looking Too Much Like Her

Tina Turner, Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher

Tina Turner Sues German-Based Tribute Performer For Looking Too Much Like Her

Tina Turner isn’t playing any games when it comes to her likeness!

Celebrities dealing with look-a-like influencers and copycat performers is nothing new. However, multi-Grammy-Award-winning artist Tina Turner, 81, feels that a tribute performer dedicated to her is doing the most. According to reports, Tina Turner is suing Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher, for having an appearance that is too similar to her famed look.

The suit is against Dorothea Fletcher’s representative agency, Cofo Entertainment. The German firm represents other tribute performers including acts that imitate Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Frank Sinatra.

Turner’s legal team argues that the 30-something entertainer looks so much like Tina Turner in their promotional posters that fans of the ‘What’s Love Got to Do With It’ singer could easily think that the actual Tina Turner is connected to the show. However, a lawyer for Cofo Entertainment feels differently. They said that someone would get the two confused only if they are a,

“chronically stupid person who looks at everything superficially.”

Dorothea “Coco” Fletcher

According to reports, Turner initially filed a suit against the talent firm last year after posters for Dorothea Fletcher’s ‘Simply The Best’ show were released.

Dorothea Fletcher’s ‘Simply The Best’ show poster

Turner reportedly won that lawsuit and a German court ruled that the posters could indeed be misleading to the public. However, the posters were reportedly re-designed and Turner ultimately lost a follow-up case at the Court of Appeals, which ruled that the risk of confusion did not outweigh an individual’s right to artistic expression.

The controversial case has now officially reached Germany’s Federal Court of Justice, which held its first hearing on the issue last week.

Turner’s lawyer spoke on the matter to the court and said,

“[Tina Turner] would like to decide when her name and image are used for commercial purposes.”

However, the legal team for Cofo Entertainment argues that a fan of Turner would expect a tribute act to look like the real Tina Turner. According to reports, the ruling on this pending case could forever alter Europe’s multi-billion-dollar tribute act industry. The final court ruling is not expected to be delivered until February 2022.

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel