Singers Tamia & Deborah Cox Perform Virtual Cover Of ‘Count On Me’ [VIDEO]

Tamia And Deborah Cox Take On ‘Count On Me’ Cover w/ New Challenge

Two R&B iconic voices Tamia and Deborah Cox took to Instagram over the weekend (March 28th), to team up for a cover of CeCe Winans and Whitney Houston‘s Count On Me.”

In their magical viral moment they encourage social distancing, while being joined by Shep Crawford to perform the 1996 hit as part of CeCe Winans’ #CountOnMeChallenge, which calls for support to come together as millions across the nation face the coronavirus outbreak.

According to the official challenge’s website, the challenge was inspired by those who face the task of hunting down essentials toiletries along with unemployed,

“With the coronavirus pandemic, the past couple weeks have been filled with fear and uncertainty. Some of us are sick, some of us can’t find any toilet paper, and some of us don’t know when our next paycheck will come. To get through times like these, we HAVE to count on each other.”

In addition,

”The #CountOnMeChallenge exists to let the people in your community and beyond know that they can count on you, and to shine a light on the people you’ve been able to count on—the people who have shown you love through all this craziness.”

Last week (March 25th), CeCe Winans took to be Instagram to announce the new challenge. She says in the clip,

”It has been 25 years since I recorded that with my friend and sister, Whitney Houston. They also reminded me that even in the amidst of this crisis that’s we’re in, we can count on one another.”

She adds,

”We want to continue to hell one another, and to be able to count on one another. So I want to challenge you or event you to be apart of the count on me challenge.” 

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Authored by: Gregory Molette