Big Sean Is Building A Movie Theater In Detroit

Big Sean


Big Sean Shares First Glimpse Of His Detroit Movie Theater: A Dream Come True

Big Sean is making major business moves. The My Last rapper announced on social media that plans for building a movie theater are finally moving forward. Big Sean wrote,

“Building my 1st movie theatre in Detroit, pandemic slowed us down but it’s on the way!!! A dream come true, what else should I put in here? Arcade? Lounge? Bowling? A intimate Venue? Community Center? Let me know”

The theater will be named The Sean Anderson Theatre, which is Big Sean’s full name. It’ll be in partnership with a chain of luxury movie theaters that operates throughout the Midwest called Emagine Entertainment. As previously reported, Big Sean had plans to open his own movie theater back in 2018. When he initially had the idea he expressed how he wanted it to be more than just a movie theater. He said,

“We want to do something revolutionary with it. We don’t want to just make it a movie theater, traditionally. We also want it to be a hub for entertainment for the whole community. We want people to have an incentive to go the extra miles, to travel into Detroit.”


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Authored by: Briana Gabrielle