Miracle Watts Thanks Followers For Supporting Her Relationship With Actor Tyler Lepley

Miracle Watts Thanks Followers For Supporting Her Relationship With Actor Tyler Lepley

Social media influencer-actress Miracle Watts is thankful for the fan love she’s receiving about her relationship with actor Tyler Lepley.

Miracle Watts took to Instagram to thank her followers for supporting her relationship and offered some words of encouragement. Miracle crafted a post in response to an Instagram story that a follower shared, in which they congratulated the couple and expressed their admiration. In the Instagram story post, she stated:

“The love and support is so appreciated. I pray that all my queens find true happiness. No matter how blurry it’s gets along the way.”

She continued:

“Your time is coming. I’m not special we all deserve happiness, & we all can receive it. I know a lot of y’all remember when I wanted to give up but I didn’t. Love still exists.”

She closed her message with:

“Keep going. Until that time, work on being the best version of you……You deserve everything, Never settle.”


Miracle and her P-Valley co-star seemingly confirmed their relationship in a series of social media posts between September and October. The on-screen duo has been seen enjoying romantic dates and vacations together. They also frequently share cute comments under each other’s posts.


Although their storybook romance has been an inspiration to others, some social media users feel that it’s too early to get the tissues out. One Instagram user wrote:

Another added:




In the past, Miracle has been allegedly linked to music mogul Diddy. Tyler was involved in a long-term relationship with his agent, April King.

The two are slated to appear in P-Valley‘s second season as love interests. Only time will tell what path Miracle and Tyler’s relationship will take both on and off-screen. Production for P-Valley began in June 2021 but won’t return until 2022. Until then, we’ll have to continue to watch their relationship blossom via Instagram.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya