Adele – Independent Artist Airs Out Singer For Biting Her Style, Says She Used her As A Muse For ’30’

Adele – Independent Artist Airs Out Singer For Biting Her Style, Says She Used her As A Muse For ’30’

An unsigned artist is airing out Grammy Award-winning singer Adele on social media, as she claims her work was stolen.

The independent artist, who goes by the stage name “Xiomara,” had no problem going after Adele. According to a long series of Instagram stories posted and archived by Xiomara, Adele’s team ripped off her music style for the British star’s new album 30. Social media users have been rallying around Xiomara, reposting and retelling the allegations. In their posts, they’ve pointed out the arguably glaring similarities between Xiomara’s projects and Adele’s most recent one.

One Twiter user wrote:

“Xiomara is a Black independent singer & songwriter who’s documented on her ig the blatant “inspiration” Adele took on this new album. Lyrics, melodies, visuals. It’s undeniably similar & she needs to name & pay @graceboogie.”


Xiomara–along with internet supporters–is going as far as saying that Adele stole her sound and image. They’ve compared music and photoshoots to prove that Adele’s team might’ve been scouring the internet for inspiration to craft her new comeback look.

While a considerable amount of people are standing by Xiomara, there are some who aren’t seeing what the big fuss is about:

One person tweeted:

“The chord progressions and style of music are not even unique to adele or xiomara. u could find tons of artists with similar songs and themes 30 years ago. besides the xiomara songs are not even that similar to Adele’s.”


Adele’s 30 was released on November 19, but she began recording the album in 2019. The lead single “Easy on Me” was released in October 2021. It is already critically acclaimed, has broken records, and received millions of streams. The album is considered a long time coming by loyal fans who have been waiting for another Adele release since 2015. Adele has made a big splash in the media with her shocking weight loss, new relationship in the wake of divorce, and noticeably different appearance.

Authored by: Roganí Araya