Activist Shaun King’s Daughter Hit By Car, Suffers Concussion & Memory Loss [VIDEO]

Shaun King’s Daughter Hit By Car, Suffers Concussion & Memory Loss [VIDEO]

Activist Shaun King’s daughter was injured in a terrible accident.

Shaun King took to Instagram to ask his followers for prayers as he announced that his daughter had suffered a brain injury yesterday (Dec. 5). Kendi King, 19, was hit by a car on the streets of Manhattan, which landed her in ICU. Along with the brain trauma, she sustained multiple head and body injuries. According to his post, the incident actually took place the morning prior (Dec. 4). His post read:

“Our daughter Kendi, who is 19, was hit by a car while she walking in Manhattan and suffered a brain injury. And several serious head and body injuries. I’ve been here in the ICU with her since yesterday morning.”

He continued:

“We have every reason to believe she will recover and she is receiving excellent medical care. The doctors and nurses and staff have been so kind and so thorough.”

He added:

“Please pray for Kendi. ?That she heals 100%.? That she has no setbacks.? I’m watching her like a hawk.? Please say a special prayer for my dear @MrsRaiKing who has had an incredibly hard time with this. ?Love and appreciate you all.?”

Just a few hours ago Kendi, who attends New York University’s film school, gave everyone an update on her condition via Instagram. Although the photo she posted shows the deep gash, cuts, and scrapes she received, she noted that she didn’t break a bone and is doing well considering the circumstances.

Got hit by a car and didn’t break a single bone (just like my papa @shaunking ;). I did however suffer a brain contusion, a concussion, a dozen stitches, scrapes and cuts allll across my body, and some memory loss. But I’m alright. The food here isn’t bad and the nurses are all from brooklyn so they’re real nice. Thank you to everyone reaching out – I see your messages, I’m just a little too concussed to respond right now.”

Shaun and his wife, Rai, have not made any further comments about the accident.

Authored by: Roganí Araya