Stevie J Wants Spousal Support From Faith Evans, As Couple’s Divorce Continues

Stevie J Wants Spousal Support From Faith Evans, As Couple’s Divorce Continues

Could Stevie J and Faith Evans really be done for good?

As previously reported, news broke last month that Stevie J had filed to divorce Faith Evans. The pair tied the knot back in 2018 and have faced a number of high-profile relationship issues since they got together.

However, shortly thereafter, some doubt was cast on this speculation due to Faith Evans uploading a series of videos showing the pair goofing around together at a Malibu, California beach.

Despite this positive portrayal, it turned out that all was not well behind closed doors. A couple of days after the beach video, another–more disturbing–clip of the couple also began circulating. The video, which appeared to be recorded by Stevie J, showed him angrily chastising Faith Evans, at one point saying:

“You f**ked his homie in my own house–b***h f**k you, b***h. F**k you, b***h. You f**ked in my house, b***h f**k you. B***h… So you happy about it, b***h? You are? That’s what you like to do?”

You can watch the video here via UnwineWithTashaK.

Faith Evans, Stevie J

About a week after the video began circulating, Stevie J offered an apology to Faith Evans over the matter:

“I’d like to make this video for my wife. A video was released last week that showed [me] talking crazy to my wife. Publicly humiliate my wife. I’d like to apologize and say sorry that I even allowed someone to come into my home and steal a computer and be able to do that to us. You’re an amazing person. I’d like to apologize to your family [because] they don’t deserve that either.”

He added:

“No, she ain’t cheat. I was just in the moment — you know how us guys do. I’d like to take the time to apologize to you, Faith, and let you know I love you. I’m here for you, always.”

Now, there has been an update to the situation. According to recent reports, Stevie J petitioned for Faith Evans to pay him monthly spousal support. While the specific amount he’s asking for is unclear, it’s worth noting that Stevie J also petitioned for the judge to “terminate the court’s ability to award support to [Faith Evans].” In other words, Stevie wants Faith to pay him alimony, and he doesn’t want to have to pay her a thing!

He is also asking for Faith to cover both of their legal fees in the case.

Stevie J and Faith Evans

Despite this update, it’s also worth noting that Stevie J and Faith Evans are both still following each other on Instagram, so it’s unclear if they’re back together or not. However, the case is reportedly still ongoing as far as the courts are concerned because neither party has filed to end the divorce petition.

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Authored by: Nick Fenley