Jacqueline Avant Believed To Be Awake During Fatal Shooting

Jacqueline Avant Believed To Be Awake During Fatal Shooting

New developments have come to light in the tragic death of Jacqueline Avant.

According to reports Jacqueline Avant’s family believes she was awake at home when an intruder shot and killed her, as Clarence was nearby in the couple’s bedroom.

Sources close to the family believe that at the time of the burglary the suspect unexpectedly came face-to-face with Jacqueline and they startled each other and that’s when he opened fire.

Clarence was asleep during the break-in last week at their Trousdale Estates home. Reports also stated security was patrolling the front of the house and the suspect appears to have entered from the side yard.

The gunshot was heard by a guard on the scene who says the suspect fired at him too before he fled the scene.

Cops arrested suspect Aariel Maynor  as they believe he acted alone in the Avant killing.  Allegedly he was attempting another burglary in the Hollywood Hills, where he apparently shot himself in the foot.


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Authored by: April B