Ashanti Denies Dating Flo Rida [VIDEO]

Ashanti & Flo Rida in 2013

Ashanti Shuts Down Flo Rida Dating Rumors: Ashanti Is Not With Flo Rida!

Ashanti is setting the record straight about those yacht pictures she took with Flo Rida last spring.

R&B singer Ashanti is finally addressing the dating rumors that have plagued her friendship with Flo Rida for years. When the Breakfast Club hosts mentioned their rumored romance and referenced a vacation that they recently shared, Ashanti immediately shot them down. She shouted:

“Let the people know, Ashanti is not with Flo Rida! Be clear, that’s my brother. Me and Flo are super cool.”

She continued describing the vacation in question, stating:

“I got a crew of girls and my family, Flo got his crew and his family. We’ve been going to each other’s birthday parties for like 10 years, so I don’t know why it’s such a surprise now.”

She added:

“It’s just…he’s a good vibe and our teams are so cool. And he just likes to have fun, and family, and celebrate. I promise you it has never ever been anything remotely close to that. It’s all family.” 

The 21-year music industry veteran’s most recent dating allegation started with a series of Instagram posts that featured Flo Rida. His presence–along with a photo of the two on a yacht–was noted by fans and blogs.

Ashanti & Flo Rida

While they appeared to be celebrating Ashanti’s younger sister, Kenashia “Shia” Douglas’s birthday, people still assumed that Flo Rida joined Ashanti on the trip as her boyfriend.

The pair have been photographed together multiple times over the last decade, sparking dating rumors.

Ashanti & Flo Rida in 2013

Ashanti is no stranger to being paired up with another artist by fans and tabloids. When she first arrived on the scene in 2001, rumors quickly spread that she was involved with fellow Murder Inc. crew members Ja Rule and Irv Gotti. Her only confirmed relationship has been with St. Louis rapper Nelly, whom she dated for 10 years. Their romance was kept under wraps for much of their relationship, and many people were unaware that they were a couple until they broke up in 2014.


Nelly & Ashanti


Ja Rule


Irv Gotti

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Authored by: Roganí Araya