K. Michelle Responds To A Fan Who Says She Changed Her Face

K. Michelle


K. Michelle Responds To A Fan Who Says She Changed Her Face

K. Michelle doesn’t appreciate what she feels is the fake concern from some of her fans.

Memphis R&B singer K. Michelle recently responded to a Twitter user who told her that she was beautiful before her alleged facial cosmetic procedures. The fan wrote:

“I love you and hopefully you don’t take this wrong but you were/are definitely beautiful BEFORE THE FACE CHANGE.”

K. Michelle replied:

“I actually feel bad 4people like u. Not mad at all. You make up your own storyline about someone’s life and in a delusion type manner adopt it as truth and dress it up as concern. There’s no luv in speaking on things and peoples health u know nothing about.”

The former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member has been very vocal on Twitter over the years, especially when it comes to surgical enhancements.

K. Michelle in 2014

Around 2017 she began opening up about the illegal silicone injections she received in her buttocks in 2012. During this period, she started experiencing fatigue, migraines, and leg and back pain. Doctors later discovered that the pain was due to the foreign substance, which had spread down to her legs. The following year, K. Michelle followed a doctor’s suggestion and had a liposuction procedure to remove the silicone. That procedure exacerbated her condition and landed her in the hospital.

By June 2018, K. Michelle had undergone 4 surgeries to remove dead tissue from her legs. She documented her journey on Twitter, using her story as a cautionary tale. That same year, she partnered with BET and LaLa Anthony to produce Killer Curves: Bodies to Die For, a documentary that chronicled the dangers of implants and injections.

Although she has been accused of receiving extreme plastic surgery on her face, the “Supahood” singer has denied these claims on several occasions. When fans started to question her noticeably different appearance earlier this year, she had this to say:

“Yeah I know,I look different. I look better healthier than ever. I was down bad, some didn’t want me to get it back together.Ok now the face lift lies are getting old, I know it kills your soul,but God guided them doctors hands so that means he was in control. BARSSSSS .”

However, she did admit to a rhinoplasty. According to Bossip, She said:

“So like, what? Six years ago I got a nose job. So what! I am not going to look the same after fighting for my life for three years. And I like how I look and it’s what God allowed. Y’all haven’t even seen me in years. I don’t post or none of that. I’m more pissed than anything because…you’re going to find something. It’s like people just can’t be!”

K. Michelle will star in a new Lifetime reality series about the difficult road she’s walked with her black market injections. The series, which is titled My Killer Body with K. Michelle, is expected to air in 2022. We broke the story about her new show in 2019.



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Authored by: Roganí Araya