Joe Budden Is Taking A Break From Strip Clubs – Fam, you gonna try to look sexy or nah?

Joe Budden Is Taking A Break From Strip Clubs – Fam, you gonna try to look sexy or nah?

Rapper Joe Budden recently discussed his latest experience at New Jersey Strip Club, “XXXV Gentleman’s Club.” The conversation took place on the 498th episode of “The Joe Budden Podcast,” a show hosted by Joe Budden and his co-hosts, Ice, Ish, and Parks.

During the discussion, Budden detailed the recent experience, which prompted him to state that

“[he is] on break from strip clubs for a minute….”

The rapper posted a clip of the podcast discussion on his Instagram page where he continued the above statement in the caption

“… my last trip wasn’t the greatest… i just remember when they used to sell you a fantasy, now she shaking ass for her cell phone and throwing up gang signs while you wait 20 minutes for pineapple juice??? Grab a Motrin and enjoy your headache.”

Joe Budden’s comical rendition of the events of that night included a situation that occurred in line at the club where “a whole squad of white boys” was being yelled at by the bouncers of the club to either pay the price to get in or get out of line; followed by the bouncers no-so-secretly signaling to each other about Joe Budden’s presence, causing him to be offered many amenities. Though humorous, these events did not leave the same mark on Budden made by the exotic dancers inside the club. On the show, Budden stated that

“[he] don’t want to be in no action, so [he finds himself] a spot and stand[s] there” he continued “.. and then chicks just started acting doofy, like, because I think the whole place knew that it was me now… And then they all start coming in front of me acting mad doofy and stupid, and i’m just sitting there with my mask on.”

When asked by co-host, Parks “How were the ladies?” Joe Budden responds with “Not for me,” joking that the strippers were

“Doing the cabbage patch” and “Hitting the roger rabbit”

causing the rapper to wonder

“Fam, you gonna try to look sexy or nah?”

His main point being that

“[Strippers] ain’t really selling fantasies out there no more”

Claiming that drill music has ruined the exotic dance industry, joking that

“Now they’re trying to pop smoke in front of you.. Bitches air shooting you. What about this is sexy?”

While many commenters simply enjoyed the quip-filled story, some agreed with Joe Budden’s remarks. In addition, many stated to have also noticed a decline in “fantasy” and “femininity” in the strip club. This alleged switch has also been said to be why many commenters have begun to not patronize these establishments.


Tell us what you think about the conversation. Have you ever had a bad experience in a strip club? Comment down below.

Authored by: KJ Dodd