The Game — Rapper’s Sexual Assault Accuser Hires Private Investigator To Help Collect Remaining Balance In $7 Million Settlement

The Game — Rapper’s Sexual Assault Accuser Hires Private Investigator To Help Collect Remaining Balance In $7 Million Settlement

The Game (real name Jayceon Terrell Taylor) has made it clear he has no plans to compensate his sexual assault accuser, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop trying to collect.

Radar Online reports that Priscilla Rainey recently informed the court that she had retained a private investigator to assist her in obtaining the $7 million settlement she was awarded in 2016 as part of her sexual assault case against The Game, real name Jayceon Taylor.

Priscilla Rainey said,

“On Friday, July 29, 2022, surveillance was conducted on the residence from 10:30 am to 11 am, at which time Taylor was followed in his vehicle to an office building in Encino. Personal service was announced and attempted as Taylor entered the building, however he refused to take possession.”

Priscilla Rainey has been working hard over the years to collect the money she’s legally owed from The Game. She has made an effort to acquire his businesses and even his Cameo earnings. She said in court documents that she has only been able to recover $258,058, but is still owed $6,872,041. In September, she filed a fresh lawsuit, accusing the rapper of setting up phony businesses to shield his assets from being seized. His manager, Cash M. Jones, was also named for allegedly assisting The Game in diverting funds to the businesses.

The Game, Priscilla Rainey

Rainey also told the court the deed to The Game‘s Calabasas mansion had been changed into Cash M. Jones‘ name, preventing her from seizing it — despite the fact that the rapper lives there. She said Cash M. Jones has been using funds believed to be amassed on behalf of his client to pay the mortgage.

The case has been put on hold because she’s been unable to serve The Game or Jones, which is why she has hired a private investigator.

According to the lawsuit,

“In an attempt to personally serve Taylor, Plaintiff has had a process server approach the location on six separate occasions between October 15, 2021, and November 3, 2021, but was unable to gain access to the property or response to the call box at the gate.”

Rainey participated in the rapper’s VH1 reality dating competition She’s Got Game. She claimed that during filming, The Game “forcefully” went inside her dress and rubbed her bare buttocks and vagina.

According to VH1’s description of the series,

“G-Unit’s all-star rapper The Game chases after true love after breaking it off with his fiance, with his famous friends selecting ten potential matches who will join him on tour and try to win his heart.”
Rainey now wants the judge to let her serve the defendants by publishing a notice in the newspaper rather than handing them the documents in person.

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