‘The View” Producers Struggle To Find A Republican Host After Meghan McCain’s Departure

‘The View” Producers Struggle To Find A Republican Host After Meghan McCain’s Departure


It’s been four months since Meghan McCain’s departure from The View, and there is still no sign of a permanent replacement. Since August, it has been a revolving door of various republican and conservative guest hosts. Reportedly, longtime co-hosts, Joy BeharWhoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin are not too happy with the lack of consistency and rotating republican guest hosts. In late August, executive producer Brian Teta said the show would take “a little time” to replace Meghan McCain vowing to continue “the mission of dynamic conversations with diverse points of view.” 

Meghan McCain

According to reports, the issue is finding a Republican/ Conservative cast member who meets all the requirements. Executive producers will not consider a Republican who is a denier of the 2020 election results, embraced the January 6 riots, or is seen as entertaining fringe conspiracy theories or in support of MAGA. At the same time, execs want the potential co host to maintain credibility with mainstream Republicans, even the ones who still support Donald Trump.

Despite reports of struggles to find an acceptable Republican co host, execs claim the show is doing just fine.

A spokesperson for The View said,

“Our plans are on track as we continue to look for the right person to join our panel of smart, dynamic women. We look forward to welcoming guest co-hosts for return appearances and introducing new names into the mix in the new year.”

Since Meghan’s departure in August, ABC has tried out a variety of conservative fill-ins, including S.E. CuppAlyssa Farah, Morgan Ortagus, Condoleezza RiceCarly Fiorina, and Gretchen Carlson. 



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Authored by: Monique Nicole