Condolences: Kollege Kidd Blog Co-founder Dies After Covid Battle, Brother Hospitalized

Raysean Autry

“Kollege Kidd” Blog Co-Founder Dies, Hospitalized Due To Covid, One Dead Due to Pneumonia

With yet another wave of Covid variants sweeping the nation, coronavirus-related hospitalizations have begun spiking throughout the United States, leaving many to become sick, some to death.

Brothers & Kollege Kidd Co-Founders

This has found itself true for 34-year-old co-founders of the hip hop blog,, Raysean, and Richard “Rich” Autry.

According to reports, Raysean passed away on December 29th, 2021, due to Covid-related pneumonia. On the other hand, his twin brother is currently fighting Covid himself on the same floor of the Toledo, Ohio hospital as his late brother.

Raysean Autry

In an interview with ‘The U.S. Sun,’ brother of the Kollege Kidd founders, 29-year-old PJ Taylor, reported that

“[Raysean] had been hospitalized for at least a couple of weeks in Toledo, Ohio”

Followed by

“[Raysean] was 34 years old. We were blindsided by his death. We couldn’t even celebrate the holidays.”

Their brother has also shared that the family of the dynamic duo has yet to share the news of Raysean passing with his brother, Rich, as the family does not want to upset him during his time of healing.

“Rich doesn’t know yet. He’s still in the ICU. We don’t want to tell him and elevate his vitals, and something goes wrong.”

Noting that they expect to bury in Toledo on January 10th, 2022.

Richard and Raysean Aurty were humble, hard-working men who gave their all to their friends and family, Raysean being a father to one daughter and their business.

The two created Kollege Kidd in November 2011, while attending college at Bowling Green State University. Together, the brothers created both a brand and a community within their blog, accumulating over a million followers across platforms, and becoming one of the more popular hip hop blogs.

There are no recent updates to Richard Autry’s current condition, but we are sending thoughts and prayers to the family.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd