Kevin Gates Talks About His Sex Life & Sleeping W/ His Cousin During The Second Episode of Yung Miami’s ‘Caresha Please’: I Ain’t Bout To Stop

Kevin Gates Talks About His Sex Life & Sleeping W/ His Cousin During The Second Episode of Yung Miami’s ‘Caresha Please’: I Ain’t Bout To Stop


Kevin Gates leaves Yung Miami speechless during the second episode of her new podcast, ‘Caresha Please.’

On Wednesday (July 13), City Girls member Yung Miami (real name Caresha Brownlee) dropped a teaser trailer for an upcoming episode of her Revolt TV podcast, ‘Caresha Please,’ that features rapper Kevin Gates opening up about his wild sex life. During the interview, Yung Miami asked Kevin if the rumors of his widely publicized sexual encounters with his own cousin were true.

Yung Miami bluntly asked:

“Did you really f*ck your cousin?”

Yung Miami – thejasminebrand

Kevin Gates

The rapper explained that a family member informed him that he was related to the woman he was sleeping with. He said,

“She pulled me to the side and said, ‘baby, that’s your cousin'”

Kevin Gates quickly exclaimed,

“I ain’t bout to stop.”

The conversation grew even more sexually explicit when Yung Miami asked Kevin Gates about foreplay, and if his freaky side is real or just a facade in his music. Gates then described exactly what type of sexual activity he enjoys, with references to booties, feet, and twirling his “big, long-a** tongue.”

” I wanna stick my whole tongue in her a**, I wanna suck her a*** and stick my whole tongue and twirl it.”

Miami later requested to see the Louisiana rapper’s tongue to which he responded,


By the end of the trailer, Yung Miami is left speechless by Kevin Gates and his level of transparency.

See the trailer below:

It’s clear Yung Miami isn’t afraid of asking people the tough questions. As previously reported, the ‘Twerk’ rapper had her rumored boyfriend, Diddy appear as her first guest on the premier episode of ‘Caresha Please.’ In the trailer of episode 1, the City Girls member appeared ready to fire off questions about her alleged relationship with Diddy.

Only three seconds into the trailer, Yung Miami opens by firing off questions for Diddy, barely giving him time to respond! She said,

“So you ready to get in the smoke?”

Diddy & Yung Miami

Diddy, also known in recent days as LOVE, stuttered in his attempt to respond, with Caresha rolling her eyes at him. She then continued her line of questioning, asking:

“So what we is? What you like about me? Like, why you f*cking with a City Girl?”

Diddy then laughed and adjusted himself in his seat, seemingly overwhelmed, telling her,

“Yo, hold on.”

The now co-executive producers first started speculation of dating after they were seen holding hands at Quality Control CEO Pierre Thomas’ birthday party in June of 2021. This was the beginning of many post-and-deletes, rumors, and flirty comments between Caresha and Diddy.

What are your thoughts on Kevin Gates’ remarks about his sex life? Will you be tuning in for episode 2? Let us know down below!

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Authored by: Monique Nicole