Saucy Santana Debunks Sex Tape Rumors With Sex Worker, The Don Santana

Saucy Santana Debunks Sex Tape Rumors With Sex Worker, The Don Santana


Saucy Santana, real name Justin Harris, and Dallas sex worker, The Don Santana, real name Marley Santana have recently come together to debunk the rumors of their alleged, steamy affair.


Recently, a video of The Don Santana engaging in sexual activities has circulated the internet, leaving many people convinced that the other person in the video was 28-year-old rapper, Saucy Santana

Both men have verified that Saucy Santana was not the other man in the scandalous video. The Don Santana took to Twitter in a video explaining the situation.


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The sex worker details a conversation had with an unidentified man, who is said to have been the one to leak the tape.

“… So a motherfucker had the video up, but I’m a sex worker. I do this shit. I don’t mind but, you know, my little bottom, we only like to do our shit through snapchat. He just don’t want it on no major platform, especially mine. Which is understandable, so cool.”

He continued 

“Dude tagged me in the post like “Aye, is this you?,” you know what i’m saying, so I DM him like “Aye could you delete that?… My little shawty ain’t tryna have that up like that.” so he was like “Nah, I was just trying to see if this was, like, Santana.,” I’m like “So again, that don’t matter. Just delete the bitch.”

He then went on the explain that the leaker tried to extort the sex worker, telling him that “[Marley] could pay [the leaker] to delete it.” Which The Don Santana refused to do, with the statement

“Pay you?… Boy you think you finna extort The mother fucking Don? Do I look any types of stupid, or friendly, or gullable, or foogazy to you, nigga?… Me and my little shawty make money like that anyways… You’re just giving motherfuckers a free preview and I don’t like no free shit.”

Continuing, he mocks the leakers claims that “[the leaker] was just posting this because [they] know that’s Saucy Santana.” to which The Don Santana states:

“They said it like they had been fucking Saucy and they know what Saucy look like form the back. I don’t know what Saucy look like from the back, you hear me? I ain’t never fucked with Saucy, never said nothing to Saucy in my motherfucking life. I ain’t never had no interaction or encounter with mother fuckin Saucy Santana.”

Saucy Santana also responded to the internet in an Instagram live, where he joked

“I wish my stomach was that flat”

Pertaining to the undisclosed person in the infamous video.

“She shaped up, little bitty waist… Now see, her waist [is] like mine. You know I got a little waist thing going on, [but] hoe it’s like mine with a boom.”

The rapper also debunked his involvement in the video, by demonstrating how the camera angle would have seen the tattoo that he has located on his upper left thigh.

“Okay the boy pull out… When he pull out and he swing his camera around this way”

He swings his left arm out to where the viral video was focusing, and pulls down the left side of his pants, showing a tattoo, which was not on the person in the video. The comical live showed that Saucy Santana was unbothered by the internet trolls claiming his sexual involvement with Dallas’ The Don Santana.

The two also joined an Instagram live together to laugh at the situation. The Santana duo has since decided to be friends, as they plan to meet up during Saucy Santana’s upcoming Houston performance. During the live, The Don Santana stated.

“Man I got to link up with you foreal, that’ll be the first time I ever met Saucy Santana nigga. I ain’t never met this mother fucker here.”

To which Saucy Santana responded

“Yeah we’re the Santana’s…. You gang now. You gang simply because you just a real ass nigga..”

The rumor has been officially put to bed, but the initial responses to the viral video were definitely laugh-worthy, as the internet was in a frenzy, believing that it really was Saucy Santana’s back in the video.


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Authored by: KJ Dodd