Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Describes Physical Features He Looks For In A Woman: Your Feet Gotta Be On Point & Your Ankles Gotta Be To A F**ing Tee

Chad Ochocinco

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson Describes Physical Features He Looks For In A Woman: Your Feet Gotta Be On Point & Your Ankles Gotta Be To A F**ing Tee

When it comes to physical appearance, we all have our own preference on what we like and dislike, and It’s safe to say Chad Ochocinco Johnson’s preferences may surprise many people. In the latest episode of the “I am Athlete” podcast, the 44-year-old former NFL player revealed that when it comes to physical appearance, he cares more about a woman’s ankle and feet. In a time when it’s all about plastic surgery and who has the biggest butt or boobs, this definitely came as a surprise.

During the podcast, Chad was asked what physical features does he prefer in a woman- boobs, booty, hair, etc. He starts out by saying he doesn’t like to judge and feels it’s up to a women to decide on what they want to change or enhance about their beauty.

“I’m not one to really judge women on what they feel they need to do to enhance their appearance and feel better about themselves. I don’t really care… I’m an ankle and foot guy. Your feet gotta be on point and your ankles gotta be to a f**ing tee.

He goes on to explain why he cares about a womans ankle and feet and the importance it has to him.

“Everybody loves the bad b**ch. When dealing with women, I would want to procreate… If everything on you is not real and your ankles ain’t right that means you messing up the foundation for my god**** kids in being great at whatever their respective craft may be. You a bad b**ch and you got two left feet. My son can’t shoot and he getting picked last in P.E. I can’t do nothing with that. You looking good ain’t going to benefit us in the long run. 

A lot of social media users seemed to be amused by Chad Ochocinco’s comments. Some agreeing that genetics are important when picking someone to have children with. See reactions below:






It looks like Chad Ochocinco Johnson found a woman with good feet and ankles that he could happily procreate with. Just last week, he and his fiance Sharelle Rosado, 34, welcomed a brand new baby girl. The former NFL player shared the news on social media. He captioned the post:

“Just delivered Serenity ‘Hurricane’ Paula Johnson . (i still have 2 lash slots available for January).”


Chad Ochocinco Johnson, Sharelle Rosado

This is the couple’s first child together. Sharelle has three children from a previous relationship and Ochcocinco has seven children from previous relationships.

Sherelle stars on Netflix hit reality show “Selling Tampa”.

In a recent interview, Sharelle Rosado was asked about her fiance’s ex wife, Evelyn Lozado and if the previous domestic violence case had an impact on their relationship. Sharelle said, “It wasn’t a concern”. She explained,

“You never know what goes on between things… I don’t want to speak on that because I wasn’t there, but Chad is a great person. People go through things, people make mistakes, and you learn from them. If you base things off of mistakes that people made then you’ll never make it in life. Nobody is perfect.”

Chad Ochocinco was previously married to Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada for 41 days in 2012.

Evelyn & Chad (2012)

According to reports, their marriage ended abruptly following an alleged domestic violence dispute where Evelyn Lozada claims Chad head-butted her when she confronted him about cheating.

Evelyn Lozada


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Authored by: Monique Nicole