Jada Pinkett-Smith Posts Cryptic Message About Friends That Are Really Enemies [VIDEO]

Jada Pinkett-Smith Posts Cryptic Message About Friends That Are Really Enemies [VIDEO]

Jada Pinkett-Smith is making headlines after sharing a cryptic social media message. The 50-year-old actress recently took to Instagram uploading a 2-minute video discussing allies and enemies. She began the video by stating that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has caused negative changes in people’s personalities. She states:

“I got an earful this morning, man. I’ll tell you these covid streets really got people tripping and you know people trip regardless, right? We all know that. But covid is creating an intensity of trip-out that is new. And you know what’s funny is that it’s a lot of people out here claiming to be lions until it’s time to do some lion things.”


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The actress seems to cryptically discuss a recent personal situation that has caused her to fall out with someone she once considered close to her. Jada Pinkett-Smith continues with a metaphorical story about a supposed ally slicing your throat in a war that they’ve already solidified that you were on the same side of:

“… And you never really know a person until you meet them on the battlefield. That’s the one thing I learned these 50 years, and it could be in any position on the battlefield. An enemy, an ally… And let me tell you, I’ve got mad respect for anyone who takes a position as an enemy, fights like one- I don’t have a problem with that, that’s life. I’m cool with that. It’s the ones- it’s the allies. It’s the ones that are standing right next to you. Who look at you and nod to you as if they’ve got your back and they’re on your side. And they nod to you like they’re ready to charge. And you look over and you nod back and you guys start charging towards the other side together and that joker takes out their sword and cut your throat”

She continues by explaining to her followers that they should not accept enemies who pretend to be allies once you see them for who they are:

“You are doing yourself the greatest disservice by excusing that behavior, by letting it slide, and by ignoring what that represents. You’re doing yourself a big disservice and that person.”

Jada then ominous states:

“I see fire in the horizon. So that means it’s going to be some smoke, and I’m ready. I’m ready.”

Jada Pinkett-Smith does not detail who she is discussing or what actions caused this revelation, but her message is pretty straightforward. However, the mother-of-two made sure to let those involved in the alleged behind-the-scenes activities that caused the creation of this video know that Jada Koren Picket-Smith is ready and is not afraid to fight back.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd