Love & Hip Hop Atl’s Mimi Faust & Ty Young Are Engaged, Again! [VIDEO]

Mimi Faust & Ty Young Are Engaged, Again!

Congratulatulations are in order for Mimi Faust and Ty Young! Over the weekend, the Love & Hip Hop reality star was celebrating her 50th birthday in Atlanta with close friends and loved ones when the former WNBA player popped the question once again. In a video shared on Instagram, Ty Young, 35, said,

“You know I love you, I love Eva. We’re a family. We talked, we communicated, we’re back, 2022, and she’s my fiancée.”


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This engagement marks the second time around for the couple who were previously engaged in 2020, but later ended their relationship in March 2021. The pair had been dating since 2016 and seemed happily engaged, so the breakup came as a shock to many. Mimi Faust spoke about the break up last year during a live chat with fans and said cheating did not play a factor in the split with Ty. She explained,

“In relationships, you know, people grow apart. They grow different. They want different things. That’s what happened. We’re still friends. We still communicate….There was no cheating going on in this relationship at all. It was all respect and all. People grow in different directions.”


It appears their time apart paid off in the end as the pair seem happier now more than ever. Although we don’t know exactly when they reconciled, it looks like they rekindled their love around the holidays last year after Mimi started sharing photos of the two spending time together, leaving fans to speculate the pair were back together.

In a recent interview with Essence, Mimi Faust opened up about the relationship sharing that they both needed to work on themselves individually before moving forward in the relationship.

“We had to come full circle. We both needed to work on things and I needed to work on myself especially because someone else can not make me whole or complete. I have to do that myself, then someone can add to that. But someone else, if I’m not all the way 100, there was no way I could enter into a marriage. So that was my issue with getting married at that time.”

She continued,

“We’re starting over on every level — as friends, as getting to know each other, setting boundaries. I just want a clean slate. Let’s start over and see where it goes.”


MiMi Faust, Ty Young

We’re happy to see Mimi and Ty reunited and doing better than ever!

Congratulations on the engagement! 


Authored by: Monique Nicole