Julia Fox Says Kanye West Romance Is Not A Publicity Stunt + Reveals Former “Connection” With Pete Davidson

Kanye West, Julia Fox

Julia Fox Says Kanye West Romance Is Not A Publicity Stunt + Reveals Former “Connection” With Pete Davidson

Kanye West’s newfound romance with Julia Fox has been the talk of the town with everyone having an opinion on the pair; many even doubting the validity of the relationship. Well now, the 31-year-old actress is opening up and setting the record straight. On the latest episode of her Forbidden Fruits podcast, Fox opened up about her relationship with Kanye West, 44, and also revealed a previous collaboration she once had with Pete Davidson, 28, who is currently dating Kanye’s estranged ex, Kim Kardashian, 41.

Julia Fox revealed that she and Davidson modeled together in 2019 for Paper Magazine.

“But it is funny to see where people go with their conspiracy theories.… I love the Paper Magazine cover of me and Pete, that shoot that we did and we’re the Barbie dolls.”

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian

When asked by her co-host why she thinks her relationship with Ye has gotten so much attention, Fox replied,

“Because it’s Meta…We were all connected, like even prior. You know what I mean?… We’re all artists.”

Julia Fox

According to Fox, her relationship with Kanye didn’t come as a surprise to people who personally know them both. She explained,

“I feel like, to the people who know us both personally, like all the people that we have in common, like friends in common, have texted me like, ‘Oh my God, this makes so much sense.'”

As far as the relationship being viewed as a “PR stunt”, the actress had this to say,
“There’s always people that think every single celebrity scandal is a setup. I personally don’t.”
As previously reported, Kanye West and Julia Fox have been spotted on multiple dates between Miami and New York since earlier this month. Many speculate that he’s allegedly trying to get the attention of his estranged ex Kim Kardashian, who has reportedly been dating SNL comedian, Pete Davidson.

Kim Kardashian

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Authored by: Monique Nicole