Jess Hilarious Performs Sober For First Time In Her Stand-Up Comedy Career

Jess Hilarious Performs Sober For First Time In Stand-Up Comedy Career

Don’t you love when an accident goes right?

Jess Hilarious, real name Jessica Moore, 29, has recently shared to her Instagram followers that, for the first time in her 5-year stand-up career, she did a show completely sober. Though unintentional, she admitted that she believes that she was an overall better comedian while performing sober. Though she was nervous, she believes that her fans were able to see the real her while sober.

The post read:

“Been doing this sh*t for 5 years! On Friday, in Philly was my FIRST TIME being sober and I felt like I was at my funniest. I was quicker, sharper & timing was impeccable. However, that was also my first time being nervous …A GOOD NERVOUS, that is, because they were all there to see ME! But nervous nonetheless

…Now that I know that I can do this shit sober and do it WELL! Almost better than when I’m under any influence, I’m ready to give y’all a special. COMING SOON Remember this “

When a fan, seemingly disapprovingly, responds to the intentions of Jess Hilarious’ sobriety during the Philly performance, Jess responds by making it clear that being sober was never her plan. The comedian was simply not allowed to bring alcohol backstage, giving her no choice but to do the show without the help of “liquid courage.” She stated:

no it actually just happened that way; I was prepared to take my usual 3 shots before stage time trust me! It’s just that there was no liquor allowed backstage. I ended up actually HAVING to go on stage sober, wasn’t my choice …after the show I felt good. Even if it is a trend though, is there anything wrong with people trying to be sober?”


Most fans were proud of Jess Hilarious, also agreeing with the sentiment that she does not need to drink to be funny.


Whether Jess Hilarious chooses to continue performing sober is unknown, but whatever decision she makes, we’re sure she’ll get a laugh either way.

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Authored by: KJ Dodd