Nipsey Hussle & His Store Were Allegedly Targeted As Part Of ‘Secretive’ LAPD Program 

Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle & His Store Were Allegedly Targeted As Part Of ‘Secretive’ LAPD Program

Nipsey Hussle could’ve been an LAPD target prior to his death.

Slain Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle was allegedly targeted by the LAPD as a part of one of their programs. Sources say that the police department kept the rapper’s store, Marathon Clothing, under their radar for potentially suspicious behavior.

The program was reportedly called “Operation LASER” (Los Angeles Strategic Extraction and Restoration) and was created to track “chronic offenders” who potentially had ties to gun violence and gang activity. LAPD allegedly invested “extensive resources” into Operation LASER, but it ceased once locals accused the police department of racial profiling and harassment. They allegedly attempted to use technology to predict which areas were likely to commit crimes.

Nipsey Hussle’s brother, Samiel Asghedom, told a source that he was unaware of the operation; however, he wasn’t surprised that his late brother and his store were allegedly targeted.

Nipsey Hussle–whose real name was Airmiess Joseph Asghedomwas shot to death in the parking lot of Marathon Clothing in 2019. He’d opened the store in 2017 as a way to give back to the troubled areas of Los Angeles. He was 33-years-old and left behind two children at the time of his death.

In the wake of his untimely passing, many came forward to praise him for his community activism and philanthropy.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya