Nick Cannon Says It’s Not A Sister-wives Situation As He Talks Romantic Relationships W/ His Multiple Baby Mamas: Some Of The Women Deal With It Better Than Others

Nick Cannon Admits That He Struggles To Manage His Multiple Relationships & Being Intimate With With Them

Nick Cannon opens up about juggling multiple women and children.

Talk show host Nick Cannon shared his podcast session with TV therapist Dr. Laura Berman. During their sit-down, he talked about how he handles having a lot of children and relationships.

He also talked about his co-parenting situations and said that he and ex-wife Mariah Carey were “really great friends.”

Mariah Carey, Nick Cannon, Moroccan Cannon, Monroe Cannon (circa 2018)

Of his romantic relationships, Nick said:

“All of them obviously but how many do you have romantic relationships with the kids keep coming so it’s like it’s all all of the i mean obviously uh mariah and i co-parent very well so yeah she and i are just like we’re really great friends and she’s kind of taught me so much so like that’s a that’s about the phrase.”
He continued:
“Yeah that’s a different and you were married to her also and that’s a different kind of it’s a different but but these other five is it like a sister white not that they’re watching it’s definitely not that they don’t want any parts of any polygamy but do they know that you’re romantically or physically and or physically involved with that i think the world knows what i assumed at first was that you were co-parenting you know not only with mariah but with these other mothers and maybe one of them the most recent one you are in a relationship with.”
He added:
“That’s what i struggle with because clearly if i care for someone if i have a child with someone there’s there has been intimacy yes and there probably will continue to be intimacy because there’s true authentic love there and i have struggled with the the co-parenting yeah yeah yeah okay we’re just going to co-parent and then you find yourself in these really nice warm family environments you want to really be in that family mode and it’s like all right well what is this what are we doing how do we define this you know you know i have to do this in in multiple spaces and it’s easy to say look let’s just focus on our child or children yeah.”
He went on:
“And then what ends up happening like oh you can do it for a year yeah and then one good well you’ll have a little bit midnight and the sake gets going and you can’t help it i mean i don’t drink but yeah i think but it’s it’s just whatever that chemistry whatever allows those endorphins to start flowing and you get on so you can’t resist either absolutely i’m a lover i’m a hopeless romantic you put me in the right environment with someone i have a child with and i watch you be anamazing mother of course i’m attracted.”

When Laura Berman pointed out that Nick’s impulsive behavior would lead to further complication, he responded:

“Life’s complicated, you know. Some of the women that I’m involved with deal with it better than others. I think they’re all confident and secure in themselves to even have to deal with a person like me.”

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Authored by: Roganí Araya