T.I. Responds To Stand-Up Veteran Godfrey Saying He’s Not A ‘Real Comedian’ After Hanging Out W/ Him At A Comedy Show: I Saw A Legend Trying Not To Hate While Hating

Godfrey, T.I.

T.I. Responds To Stand-Up Veteran Godfrey Saying He’s Not A ‘Real Comedian’: I Saw A Legend Trying Not To Hate While Hating

T.I. wasn’t happy with the comments Godfrey made about his new stand-up career.

Rapper T.I. didn’t exactly get comedy veteran Godfrey’s stamp of approval in the stand-up world. After crossing paths with the rapper during an Atlanta comedy show, Godfrey told interviewers that he didn’t consider T.I. a real comedian.


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He explained how someone had informed him that T.I. was in the building and wanted to perform a stand-up routine after his. Godfrey was slightly ruffled by the arrangement, but he saw it as an opportunity.

“It’s one of those things where you go, as a comedian, I’m like, ‘why the f**k are you in our lane?’ But as a branding, as a, ‘ooh, this is a good look,’ as in, everybody’s about visual, everybody’s about social media, I go, ‘sure! Let him up!'”

He continued:

“It’s his town, Atlanta is his town. So, I was like, ‘yeah!’ I didn’t go in to watch. I didn’t go in to watch T.I. because, as a headliner, no one is supposed to go up after you. But there’s a code in comedy that I follow. I’m not watching what you can’t do better than me.”

He added:

“You’re not a comedian to me. You’re working your way–he’s taking it seriously–I don’t know how long he’s going to do that. But, I’m not coming back–after I finished my sh*t–I tore that b*tch down. And I’m going to go back and go watch someone who’s not a comedian…? For me, morally, that’s just f*ck*ng stupid.”

The Soul Plane actor made it clear that he hung out with T.I. after the show and that he was a longtime fan of his music.

T.I. responded via Instagram, stating:

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for a legend and a G.O.A.T in the comedy sh*t. His name is Godfrey. I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him at the Atlanta comedy theater. And [I] had a good time, [I] got up there and worked on my set. I enjoyed the crowd, enjoyed the opportunity. And, well, I thought all was well, I thought it went very good. And then, I see an interview with Godfrey.”

He continued:

“How I see Godfrey…Godfrey is a legend, he’s a G.O.A.T. I’m talking bout…undeniable. And I see him as a giant in this comedy sh*t. What I saw in this interview was, I saw a legend trying not to hate while hating. Like, innuendos, God d*mn tid bits of hate here and there while coupling it or surrounding it with some compliments to make it seem like you ain’t hating for real.”

He went on:

“But, to be honest with you, bruh…to me that made a giant look small in my eyes. Simply because, what you said was, I came and I went on after you and you wasn’t gon’ come out there and watch me because it would’ve made you look small. How in the f*ck can I make you–a giant in this sh*t–look small?”

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Authored by: Roganí Araya