Keke Wyatt, Who Is Pregnant With Baby Number 11, Says “Never Say Never” While Discussing Possibility Of Having Another Child

Keke Wyatt Says “Never Say Never” While Discussing Possibility Of Having Another Child

Keke Wyatt is down for whatever life brings when it comes to making more babies!

In a recent interview, the soul singing powerhouse discussed her families varied reactions to the news of her most recent pregnancy, and dished about the possibility of adding another baby to her growing family in the future.

Keke Wyatt, 39, is unmatched in the baby making department. After recently announcing the addition of baby #11 to her already deep roster of 10, Keke admits she’s not opposed to the thought of baby #12.

During the interview she stated:

“Well, my hunnie, [Zackariah Darring], can wear a [‘Last One’] shirt all he wants, [but] I have learned never say never.”

Referring to the “last one” t-shirt Keke’s husband Zackariah Darring is seen sporting in their families baby announcement photos posted to her Instagram last week.

Keke Wyatt & Family

She continued:

“So we shall see. OK!” 

Keke also shared that while she was excited and surprised by the positive pregnancy results, her children had “mixed opinions”. Ultimately, however, everyone is excited to welcome the new baby.

She stated:

“My kids are very real. Overall, they are excited. My kids help me soooo much in every way. Don’t get it twisted, some days they are lazy just like kids and I have to get on their ass. But other than that, they are great.”

Keke Wyatt & Family

Then continued to speak on her own reaction saying:

“When my husband and I sneak away from the kids and have grown up time, we normally never have slipups. We normally stay on point but this time … not so much. My husband is very happy.”

The songstress wrapped up the interview noting that while she knows the sex of the baby, she is waiting to share it publicly, and is still thinking up names for the new baby.

She stated:

“I am a country girl, so I call my baby Little Tater Tot. We will be finalizing names soon.”


Should Keke and her hubby try for baby #12? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

Authored by: Kay Johnson