NFL Star Cam Newton Explains Why He Didn’t Marry Ex-Girlfriend/Mom Of His 4 Kids Kia Proctor: “I was on temptation island.”

NFL Star Cam Newton Explains Why He Didn’t Marry Ex-Girlfriend/Mom Of His 4 Kids Kia Proctor: “I was on temptation island.”

Cam Newton is opening up about life as a professional athlete and the temptation that comes along with it. In a recent episode of his “Funky Friday” Youtube series, the 31-year-old quarterback revealed that his job as an NFL player hindered him from marrying his long time girlfriend and mother of his four children, Shakia ‘Kia’ Proctor ,34, When asked why he never proposed to Proctor, Newton revealed that at the time of their relationship, he was not husband material.

“That’s a great question… The thing is that person that I was while we were having children together, I couldn’t be the best husband. I wasn’t prepared to be a husband then…I was on temptation island. A football player, young, ‘no’ is not even in my vocabulary.”

He continued,

“I just found myself in this downward spiral. Did she deserve better? I would humbly say, yes, she did… I was falling deeper into my own selfishness and realizing I gotta be better.”

Cam Newton

He went on to explain that the pair got together at a young age and are not the same people they once were. Newton explained,

“We were both young … But at the same time, the person that she was when I met her, it wasn’t the person she was when I left her. When I met Kia, and I say this protecting her, she wasn’t the one to be like, ‘I want to be married.’”

Cam Newton and Kia Proctor began dating in 2013 and share four kids together: Sebastian Newton, Sovereign-Dior Cambella, Camidas Swain Newton, and Cashmere Saint Newton. Proctor has an older daughter from a previous relationship, whom Newton has reportedly publicly claimed as his own.

Kia Proctor and her Children

The pair broke up in 2020 after the NFL quarterback player allegedly had a baby with Instagram model La Reina Shaw


Cam Newton, La Reina Shaw, son Caesar – thejasminebrand

During the interview, Cam Newton gave credit to Kia Proctor for having “patience” during the hard times they faced throughout their relationship.

“And she was around me through a lot of success, a lot of downfalls and I respect her for that to this day, but it never led to the ultimate commitment, and that is a ring… We just grew apart and we have a great working relationship now and where we have beautiful children and we’re seeing them grow day in and day out.”

Newton revealed that while he is currently single and no longer romantically involved with Kia Proctor, he supports her in her life endeavors and hopes to continue to co-parent amicably.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole