Marlo Hampton Goes On Rant Against ‘RHOA’ Costars Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore, Accuses Them Of Sleeping W/ Multiple People ‘For Free’

Marlo Hampton Goes On Rant Against ‘RHOA’ Costars Kandi Burruss & Kenya Moore, Accuses Them Of Sleeping W/ Multiple People ‘For Free’

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Marlo Hampton, seemingly wants her cast member Sheree Whitfield to realize who her true friends are!

During last week’s episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Sheree Whitfield, 52, sat in sorrow after her significant other stood her up. The reality star traveled hours to see her boyfriend at a cafe in Philly, however, he never showed. 

On Sunday (June 12) on a recent episode of “RHOA,” Marlo Hampton did her best to bring her friend back into good spirits. Marlo Hampton sent a driver to bring Sheree to her house so they can enjoy each other’s company. While the two friends spent time together, Sheree was treated to a personal Fendi shopping experience, a cake, and a foot massage by a private masseuse. During their girls’ night, Marlo advised Sheree to realize her worth and to block her boyfriend’s number.

Marlo Hampton

Kenya Moore was invited to the powwow as well, but, she wasn’t able to make it because she was seemingly sick. However, Marlo didn’t believe Kenya Moore’s sick excuse because she was in “full glam” when her cancelation facetime call took place. Kandi also landed on Marlo’s “bad friend list” after she allegedly never reached out to check on Sheree when her boyfriend stood her up.  

While chatting with Sheree about their “RHOA” costars Marlo said, 

“You don’t even have it in your heart, Kandi, how to help other people.”

Sheree agreed:

“She’s for herself.”

Hampton continued:

“First of all, Kandi was a damn h*e. She f*ck*d everybody for free. That b*tch was a h*e, and that p*ssy ain’t good and that’s why you out here always got to date underneath your tax bracket. Okay?”

Kandi Burruss, Marlo Hampton

Marlo added:

“And Kenya, ‘I was Miss USA and I have–’ B*tch you was a G*d damn video h*e. You went through every rapper in America, didn’t get a ring.”

Sheree replied:


During the episode premiere, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” stars took their comments to Twitter.

Kandi, 46, shared that no matter what she does, her costars will always have something negative to say about her:

Marlo, 46, retweeted her comment and added:

Kenya reflected on the recent RHOA episode:

Recently, Marlo called out her co-star Kandi, claiming she doesn’t do enough for the Black community.

Marlo said:

“If Kandi would just focus on – now say if we went there and she was like ‘Hey I’m going to teach you guys all how to contribute to a play and become a producer. How to get a restaurant.’ Do some sh*t for the black culture. We got enough babies and diseases out here! We don’t need no sh*t else about sex Kandi!”

Marlo added:

“You f*cked out of Atlanta!”

In a recent red carpet interview, Kandi was asked how she felt about Marlo. She said:

“She gets on my motherf*cking nerves! I’m tired of her bullsh*t. She’s fake as f*ck!”

Marlo added:

“If ya’ll do not know, I have been doing way more for the community than all [of my ‘RHOA’ castmates]! I don’t mind saying it. I don’t always do everything I do on television but if you want to go to television receipts – even the food drives that I did in the past – who was the main one trying to show up to help – her. And she wants to act like she doesn’t remember.”

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill