Mariah Carey Left Jay-Z’s Roc Nation For A Smaller, More Intimate Team

Mariah Carey, Jay-Z

Mariah Carey Left Jay-Z’s Roc Nation For A Smaller, More Intimate Team

Update #2 (June 8th): More details are being released about Mariah Carey parting ways with Jay-Z’s Roc Nation.

Just a day after the We Belong Together singer shut down speculation that she left over an alleged “explosive” argument, new reports explain that she simply wanted a smaller team.

Insiders told TMZ that Mariah Carey would rather have more personal time with managers, instead of working with the 20-member team she would have with Roc Nation. That team included staff in marketing, social media, and merchandise.

Sources added that Mariah Carey and Jay-Z reached the decision months ago, and it was nothing personal.

Now, Carey is with Range Media Partners. Her current manager, Melissa Ruderman, left Roc Nation earlier this year for a position as a partner in the music department at Range. She will reportedly continue working with Carey. 

While Range isn’t a boutique agency, it’s said to have smaller teams of managers.

Original Story (June 7th): Mariah Carey is setting the record straight on a rumored “explosive” exchange with Jay-Z that allegedly caused her to leave Roc Nation.

Mariah Carey signed a deal with Roc Nation after firing her manager Stella Bulochnikov.

Mariah Carey Signing w/ Jay-Z's Roc Nation

Mariah Carey, Stella Bulochnikov

She took to Instagram earlier today (June 7th) and shared a clip of the video for their hit 1999 collaboration Heartbreaker and wrote,

“The only “explosive” situation I’d ever “get into” with Hov is a creative tangent, such as our #1 song “Heartbreaker”!! To the people who make up these lies I say “Poof! —Vamoose, sonofa*****”!”


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Mariah Carey’s post comes after reports alleged she left Roc Nation after a heated argument with the Empire State Of Mind rapper.

An insider claimed to The Sun, 

“Mariah and Jay had an explosive meeting which did not go well at all. She has made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him and has called it quits with Roc Nation.”

They added,

“She will formally depart in the next few weeks. It is a shame because they had done some great work in the last few years. But this meeting couldn’t have gone much worse.”

The source also said Mariah Carey,

“has been talking to other managers and thinks she has found someone who she feels has full belief in her as she takes her next steps,” the source added. “She isn’t letting this stand in her way.”

According to The New York Post, she’s currently working on a new “heavily-influenced R&B album”,

A separate insider told Mirror UK that while Mariah Carey and Jay-Z have ended their business relationship, it was an amicable parting.

“Mariah’s relationship with Roc Nation ended courteously and she & Jay-Z are on great terms. Mariah is currently represented at Range where her former Roc Nation manager is a Managing Partner.”

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