Tyrese Believes If His Mother Had Been Living With Him She Wouldn’t Have Passed Away + Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Making His New Album Since Her Passing

Tyrese & his mother

Tyrese Believes If His Mother Had Been Living With Him She Wouldn’t Have Passed Away + Opens Up About The Difficulties Of Making His New Album Since Her Passing

We continue to keep Tyrese Gibson and his family in our thoughts and prayers.

Following the passing of his mother Priscilla Murray Gibson, Tyrese continues to ask for prayers from fans and social media followers as he warns about the dangers of Covid and speaks on the difficulties of completing his upcoming album after her passing.

In a recent instagram post, 43-year-old R&B singer/actor Tyrese Gibson gets candid about the details surrounding his mother’s death. He speaks on the difficulties of planning for his late mothers funeral, and details to followers the extra measures he takes to protect himself from the Covid-19 virus – the illness that initially put his mother in the hospital.

On the post he writes:

“The most depressing and stressful thing I’ve ever experienced is getting emails and phone calls and paperwork on making burial plans and arrangements for my mother…… I am in no position to tell you what to do or not do…. I am just here to be transparent as I always am and to tell you to be safe out there and don’t let a news report or governmental update about mask or no mask dictate you living your ONE LIFE……. I only get one shot at this thing…. There’s only ONE TYRESE…. Just like there was only ONE PRISCILLA aka my beloved mother…..

People who know me know that I had an NBA bubble long before the NBA bubble….

Over 300+ people tested positive upon trying to visit or coke to my home to perform a service and was sent away INSTANTLY…..”

Written as a caption over a picture of him double masked up he writes:

“Double mask….triple vax’d don’t let em laugh at your for playing it safe out here…if only my mother lived with me I believe Covid wouldn’t have taken her away from me…”

He also criticizes those who don’t take the virus seriously and therefor isn’t concerned with the health of others.

He continues:

“What became scary for me is seeing the amount of people [ I won’t call out names or tag them ] who tested positive and then I seen them out that same night at clubs, restaurants and or events….

People really out here reckless and just don’t care about others health…..

I might catch that shit one day…. I hope not..
but right now I am going all out to keep my family and loved ones safe and healthy….”

Tyrese Gibson, Mother

The following day Tyrese offers another moment of transparency while speaking on “crashing and burning” during the making of his upcoming album.

The post reads:

“Honest Hour:
I got in the vocal booth as day 1 of #AlbumMode and I crashed and burned I was on with my engineer of 20+ years @richardfurchmix who’s always so patient and kind and honestly have became my therapist over the years cause I sing from a real place I just need someone to talk to often when I get knee deep into this process….. Listening to these songs are so triggering about this divorce and we just wrote a song for my mother damn….”

He also asks other artists for advice on how to move forward in a vulnerable state of artistry while grieving.

“The most vulnerable and honest album I’ve ever done……. To any artist out there who has any kind of advice drop it in the comments this album is in my mind and to the folks who has blessed me by listening to it thus far have all said this is the MOST important album of my life…..
This is beyond the usual pep talks… damn say one was just so fucking hard….”

Tyrese goes on the end the post announcing that the title of his next album is Beautiful Pain, and says he hopes that he doesn’t become too afraid of the emotions of it all that he never releases it.

He writes:

“I hope I don’t become so scared of my vulnerability where I dip and never release it……. Shoot me a prayer guys and send some inspirational healing energy….::::

Thanks for reading my heart tonight

The album is called #BeautifulPain”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson