NYC Drug Lord Alpo Martinez Alleged Killer Arrested For 2021 Murder

NYC Drug Lord Alpo Martinez, Who Was Portrayed In “Paid In Full”, Alleged Killer Arrested For His 2021 Murder

The alleged killer of former drug lord Alberto “Alpo” Martinez, 55, was arrested and charged in the Oct. 31 2021 murder. According to the NYPD, 27-year-old Shakeem Parker faces murder and weapons charges in connection with the case. As previously reported, Martinez was killed in a drive-by shooting on a Harlem street corner. He was struck five times in the chest in a hail of bullets fired from a passing vehicle. He continued to drive the truck approximately four blocks before crashing. Reportedly, EMS took him to NYC Health + Hospitals Harlem but it was too late to save his life.

According to police, Shakeem Parker–who was already in custody on Rikers Island for a previous gun case–was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon. Parker has prior arrests for burglary, robbery and drug possession.

Alpo Martinez was a drug dealer of Puerto Rican ancestry from Harlem, New York City. He rose to prominence in the mid–1980s. In addition to New York, he expanded his drug trade to other cities, most notably Washington, DC. He was released from prison in 2015 while serving a 35-year sentence for 14 counts of murder. After his release, Martinez was in the witness protection program, so his ID had the name Abraham Rodriguez printed on it along with a Lewiston, Maine address.  It’s been widely  assumed that Martinez flipped on his former associates to reduce years off his life sentence.

Alpo Martinez as a teen

Instead of lying low, he was often seen in Harlem which may not have been the smartest move since there’s no telling how many enemies he may have still had. Alpo Martinez was portrayed by rapper and actor Cam’ron in the 2002 film Paid In Full which was based on the criminal exploits of Martinez, Azie Faison and Rich Porter.

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Authored by: Monique Nicole