Kim Kardashian Found Kanye’s Instagram Suspension ‘Fair’, His Posts Caused ‘Emotional Distress’

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian Found Kanye’s Instagram Suspension ‘Fair’, His Posts Caused ‘Emotional Distress’

Kim Kardashian allegedly couldn’t care less about keeping up with Kanye West, but she was happy to catch a break when he temporarily lost access to his Instagram page.

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PEOPLE reported that the ‘SKIMS’ founder and reality television star found Kanye West‘s suspension “fair.” The Donda rapper lost access for 24 hours on March 16 for violating policies on hate speech, harassment and bullying, per TMZ.

According to a source via PEOPLE,

“Kim found the suspension to be fair, but her reaction wasn’t very dramatic. She didn’t make a big deal out of it and joked that she needed a break for a day. All of Kanye’s posts have been exhausting for her though.”

Kanye West has been very vocal on social media about his love for Kim Kardashian and his dislike of her current boyfriend Pete Davidson. His online abuse of them has been criticized multiple times, with him sometimes praising Kim Kardashian as an amazing woman and other times bashing her for allowing their daughter to appear on TikTok. He has also threatened Pete Davidson multiple times, nicknaming him “Skete.”

In his most recent offense on social media, he posted a racial slur on Trevor Noah‘s Instagram page after the Daily Show host made comments about his divorce from Kardashian.

Trevor Noah reacts

According to CNN, West responded on Trevor Noah‘s Instagram page by inserting a racial epithet into the lyrics to “Kumbaya.” Before the comment was taken down, Trevor Noah responded with his appreciation for West as an artist and his concern for his family.

Kardashian has said West‘s posts caused her “emotional distress.” In her efforts to be declared legally single, Kardashian said,

“Kanye has been putting a lot of misinformation regarding our private matters and co-parenting on social media which has created emotional distress.”

Kardashian was granted a legally single status on March 1.

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson

A number of celebrities have taken sides in the ongoing feud between Kardashian, Pete Davidson and West. Rapper Soulja Boy revealed himself to be #TeamKanye, threatening to “mush” Davidson for texting West.

Comedians D.L. Hughley and Steve Harvey have also weighed in. D.L. Hughley condemned West’s actions and when he the “All Falls Down” rapper responded with threats, Steve Harvey chimed in, telling West his money on his friend D.L. Hughley.

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