Judge Mathis To Co-Host New Show “Court Night Live”

Judge Greg Mathis

Judge Mathis To Co-Host New Show “Court Night Live,” With Pop-Up Courtrooms In Multiple Cities & Interactive Voting For Viewers At Home

Judge Mathis is heading back to the TV courtroom!

Longtime television personality Judge Greg Mathis will return to television screens on a new show called “Court Night Live,” from network A&E.

Judge Mathis

“Court Night Live” will be similar to A&E’s “Live PD,” where they will shift from multiple cities to watch live action court proceedings as they take place. It won’t take place in an actual courtroom, but will show people taking their cases out of traditional courtrooms to resolve their issues on the show.

Judge Mathis will host the show with Vinnie Politan, and retired Judge Vonda Evans will provide analysis. The producers of former show “Live PD” are set to work on the show.

Cast of “Court Night Live”

With the three hosts delivering context to these civil cases, viewers will be able to join in on the deliberation via text message.

A&E said this in a statement:

“As civil court cases became backed up over the last few years, pending cases have jumped over 30% with some people waiting over a year to get to trial. On top of that, many Americans have been stuck at home with their family and neighbors, racking up more and more grievances that make it harder than ever to sort through them.”

“Court Night Live” is expected to “bring the drama” of live court proceedings with expert legal analysis, “elevating the traditional court shows that have been a staple of television landscape for decades.”

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Authored by: Sunny Morgan