NBA Star Russell Westbrook Says “I Ain’t No Little Kid” As He’s Confronted By Heckler [VIDEO]

Russell Westbrook

NBA Star Russell Westbrook Says “I Ain’t No Little Kid” As He’s Confronted By Heckler [VIDEO]

It looks like Russell Westbrook can’t catch a break! The Los Angeles Lakers player was confronted by yet another heckler– this time, it wasn’t done on the court.  The now viral video shows a man confronting Westbrook and expressing his frustrations with how the athlete has been playing. The video begins mid-confrontation, with a fan a little too close in Westbrook’s face as another man–possible bodyguard–stands in the middle of them. Russell Westbrook, 33, is seen telling the supposed fan,

“I’m grown though, don’t play with me. I ain’t no little kid.”

The heckler is heard saying,

“You good…You’re nice.. I f**k with you, I just want you to play better…I bet on you every night.”

The man later walks away, saying, “take it easy Russell,” but once he was far away from Westbrook and his security, he decided to yell out an insult.

“Yo Russell, you’re a goof. You’re a goof bud.”

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time the Nine-time NBA All-Star has dealt with this unruly behavior from fans. As previously reported, Russell Westbrook has recently spoken out about the harassment he has been receiving, noting that the heckling from fans has gotten so bad his family can’t even attend a game.

Russell Westbrook and His Family

During a press conference, the Lakers point guard spoke out about the excessive name-calling and shaming. He said:

“It’s really the shaming of my name, the shaming of my character, the shaming of who I am as a person. To me, it’s not warranted. I haven’t done anything to anybody, I haven’t hurt anyone, I haven’t done anything but play basketball a way that people may not like. This is just a game, this is not my entire life. I think that is the ultimate thing that’s been for me. I don’t like to harp on it, I just kinda want it out there.”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole