Bow Wow Says All His Albums Are ‘Mid’ + Seemingly Throws Shade At Jermaine Dupri

Bow Wow Says All His Albums Are ‘Mid’ + Seemingly Throws Shade At Jermaine Dupri: Ya’ll Know Me And Jd Be Bad Terms And Good Terms. It Is What It Is


Bow Wow is currently working on his final album, and from the looks of it, he has a few things that he needs to get off his chest! From his music career to relationship with Jermaine Dupri, the 35-year-old rapper/actor is not holding back!

On Wednesday (Mar.23), Bow Wow held an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter where he answered several questions from his fans. The “Outta My System” rapper shocked his followers by calling all of his albums “mid” and seemingly throwing shade at hitmaker/mentor Jermaine Dupri, 49. During the four hour Q&A session, Bow Wow was asked about the favourite album of his career, to which he says,

Bow Wow – thejasminebrand

“Dont care for any of my albums, Dont have a fav song. Really dont care about em like yall do.”

Another fan asked the same question while complimenting the rappers “Beware Of Dog” album. Bow Wow surprisingly said,

“None of them. They all mid. Yall think im playing but im dead forreal.”

When one of the fans said his 2009 Jermaine Dupri collab “Roc The Mic” was his best single, Bow Wow replied,

“Roc the mic WACK. Wanted album mid to me. This is my opinion tho. All my albums mid. Just saying. Just because i did them dont mean i like em.”

Throughout the session, Bow Wow was seemingly throwing shade at his former So So Def label boss Jermaine Dupri.

When a fan asked the “Like Mike” actor what is his biggest pet peeve, he included the legendary producer in his response.

“When people say they gone do something and never do it. Jermaine dupri is the king of doing that. Yall know me and jd be bad terms and good terms. It is what it is.”

ATLANTA, GA – JANUARY 09: Jermaine Dupri attends “Growing Up Hip Hop Atlanta” season 2 premiere party at Woodruff Arts Center on January 9, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for WEtv)

Bow Wow then responds to a question about the song he’s most proud of, once again taking a shot at Jermaine Dupri.

“Ima flirt. Because it was w out jd. And it went number one w out jd. And i wrote it w out jd. My whole career i had to over prove to folks im not to be played w, It was like kobe winning w out shaq. Even jd told me ‘if u think u can do it w out me THEN DO IT’ welp i did.”

Bow Wow would later double down on his comments about Jermaine Dupri, and clarified the misconception about their professional relationship.

“Jd cool. We just dont work together that’s all. Me n jd aint worked together in like 10 years. I gotta work with the man to be cool?”

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Authored by: Monique Nicole