Soulja Boy’s Longtime Girlfriend Says She Was Blindsided By The News Of His Unborn Child: I Was Heartbroken

Soulja Boy, Aliyah Hayes

Soulja Boy’s Longtime Girlfriend Says She Was Blindsided By The News Of His Unborn Child: I Was Heartbroken

Looks like Soulja Boy is in hot water with his longtime girlfriend.

Aliyah Hayes says she was left heartbroken after finding out the rapper is expecting a son. The 29-year-old claims that she and the “Crank That” rapper have been in an on-again off-again relationship for over a decade, and recently discussed marriage and children.


Chicago rap artist Soulja Boy was all smiles last month after discovering he’s expecting the baby boy he’d been praying for. However it seems his relationship with his alleged longtime girlfriend Aliyah Hayes is currently on the rocks. In a recent interview, Aliyah stated she was with Soulja days before the gender reveal was posted. Despite spending time together, the “Kiss Me Through The Phone” artist never disclosed the news of his pregnant partner.

She stated:

“I found out with the rest of the world and I thought we were best friends. We were lovers, we’ve known each other for a decade.”

Then continued:

“When I saw it, I was devastated, I dropped my phone. My heart dropped into my stomach, I fell over and started crying because I was heartbroken….I thought our future had nothing to do with another woman being pregnant. I found out their gender reveal was very last minute and it just broke my heart.”

Soulja Boy, Aliyah Hayes

Aliyah says that the two met back in 2012 after Soulja broke off his engagement to fitness model Rosa Acosta. She goes on to give details about their instant connection, and shared a few messages exchanged between them over the years stating:

“I was 19 at the time so it was over a decade ago. We met at a Christmas Eve party and it was love at first sight….I was just glamored by him. He came up to me and said ‘you’re my date for the night’ and that’s how we first started.”



She also claims that the mother of Soulja’s unborn son, a hairstylist named Jackie, knew of the relationship stating:

“I saw her once more at New Year’s Eve and I believe she was doing hair. I was his date – it’s New Year’s Eve and that’s a couple’s day….We kissed when the ball dropped and she went home and I stayed over. She was well aware because she was talking to him trying to get out and leave the house and I was there staying.”

Aliyah Hayes, Soulja Boy


Though sad about the news, Aliyah asserts she still has unconditional love for Soulja and gives her blessings on his soon to be son. She stated:

“When it comes to the hairdresser, I want to give blessings for the pregnancy and her baby but moving forward, it doesn’t erase the decade we’ve had together….I love him unconditionally and I believe he loves me unconditionally as well. I don’t believe he wants to change anything about our relationship because loving unconditionally allows people to do what they want to do and still love them.”

Aliyah Hayes

Addressing the future of their relationship she added:

“I’m still healing, I’m still heartbroken so I’m not sure yet but I do love him unconditionally…I will love him for the rest of my life and I truly love him unconditionally as God taught me to.”

Soulja Boy nor Jackie has responded to Aliyah’s interview at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson