Coi Leray Calls Out Her Father Benzino On The Day Of Her Album Release [Photo]

Coi Leray, Benzino

Coi Leray Calls Out Her Father Benzino On The Day Of Her Album Release [Photo]

Coi Leray and her father Benzino haven’t always seen eye-to-eye, but as of lately the two have been trying to mend their relationship.

Coi Leray, 24, began her career by posting music on SoundCloud, inspired by father, record producer and media mogul Benzino, 56. The father and daughter have been on a rocky relationship following Coi Leray’s uprise to success in hip hop. In the midst of the rapper and singer preparing to drop her debut album Trendsetter at midnight (April 8), Coi took to Twitter to call out her father Benzino in a series of tweets.

Coi Leray, Benzino

During the press tour for the release of her album, Coi stopped by The Breakfast Club and shared with the members of the show that Benzino had gone “broke.” Apparently, the comment didn’t sit well with Benzino, as Coi says he started texting and threatening her and her mother. Coi said,

“My dad is texting my mom threatening her and me because I said he went broke on the breakfast club on the day of my album release.” 

Coi ended the tweets with stating Benzino hasn’t told her “Congratulations,” on her album and she’s his only daughter. She added,

“I’m your only f-k-ng daughter. You worried about being called broke on the day of my debut album. You ain’t even text me congratulations, you so bitter and evil. Ima pray for you.” 

The latest beef between the two might’ve strained their relationship even more when Benzino accidentally spilled the tea on the surprise collaboration between Coi and Trinidadian rapper Nicki Minaj.

Benzino, Coi Leray, Nicki Minaj

Coi admitted to telling Benzino her major moves because the two are still rekindling their relationship and she wanted him to be proud. The collaboration single, titled Blick Blick, almost got pulled due to the premature revealing, but thankfully Nicki Minaj pushed the single to become one of Coi’s biggest hits and collaborations today.

Coi Leray, Nicki Minaj

Check out the entire interview below.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely