Author Alice Walker Opens Up About ‘Great Love’ With Singer Tracy Chapman, Says They’re ‘Not Really Talking’ Anymore

Author Alice Walker Opens Up About ‘Great Love’ With Tracy Chapman, Says They’re ‘Not Really Talking’ Anymore

Alice Walker is opening up about her relationship with Tracy Chapman.

The author, best known for her book The Color Purple, has been vocal about dating both men and women. She reportedly had a relationship with Tracy Chapman in the ’90s when she was in her 20s.

Alice Walker spoke more about her love life and sexuality on CBS Mornings, while promoting her new book, Gathering Blossoms Under Fire. She told host Gayle King:

“I’m someone who actually loves everybody, men and women. And it’s just the most wonderful thing.”

But she agreed with Gayle King that Tracy Chapman was one of her “great loves.” She recalled being instantly attracted to the “Fast Car” singer due to her voice, saying:

“You know, there are some voices in our culture that can carry the whole culture and really make an emotional sense of it and liberate you into a deep love of that.”

It’s unclear what happened between them, but Alice Walker said they “aren’t really talking anymore.”

“That happens, though,” she added. 

Naturally, Gayle King wondered about how Tracy Chapman might feel about Walker talking about her in her book, but the author was not concerned.

“It’s my life. It’s my life,” she stated, to which King gave a simple, “OK.”

Chapman, it seems, has never revealed her sexuality or discussed her relationship with Walker.


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Authored by: Chelsea Stewart